Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My How Times Have Changed!

Here is my beautiful Niece Cassidy at her 6th grade graduation. She is the cute blondie on the far right in the first photo. Yes, you read correctly... 6th grade! It looks like a formal event. She got a dress, shoes, hairdo, the whole enchilada. I think when we left 6th grade we got a swift kick out the door. (Yes, that was back in the days of corporol punishment. Apparently a few swats never hurt me. Not that I'm telling you that I ever got one. I'm just saying)...

Isn't she cute though? AND she got a Presidential Award for Academics, complete with a lapel pin and a letter from George dub-ya. Pretty cool, huh? She also got an award for best safety officer in her school. Her parents are educators, so they are over the moon, and we're all so proud of her. I wish I could've been there to see her graduate and receive her awards.



  1. Cassidy is so pretty, it is amazing how things seem to change it makes your head spin and we are so cool and withit you would think we wouldn't be so surprised!We are having a great time. But boy is TX HOT!

  2. Congrats Cassidy! Yes, I believe I just got the "kick outta the door" thing too!!!!

    Way to go girl!~


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