Thursday, July 17, 2008

What is the deal with Deer?

No matter where I turn there are deer! (Not real ones for some reason, just photos or art). Isn't that odd? For the life of me, I couldn't figure out why I had this tune stuck in my head... "where seldom is heard a discouraging word, and the skies are not cloudy all day." Hmm, I thought, why am I hearing this? Maybe because I should utter no "discouraging words" today? Well, I will be working, so I am afraid that simply isn't possible in my line of work. I COULD however say those "discouraging words" in a cheerful manner. No, that could be taken to mean that I am a smart alec (which of course I am, but not at work). So, I'm right back to the song. Hmmm, could it be I am thinking about my Uncle with whom we always sang this song? I don't know. Then I remembered the next line "where the deer and the antelope play."

Later,when I ran in to this very cool blog with her "deer" stuff, I figured that it must be the deer, and not the discouraging words! I would just "go with the flow" and accept deer into my life this week! (I'll drive carefully especially at night).

ANYWAY, who knew there were this many deer related home items. No, they are cool, but please don't buy me any. I am sure you had your credit card out ready to go! These photos (and plenty more of the deer variety) are on Laura's blog. Look at the dishes on her blog too, you have to look really hard to see the deer, but they are there!

While you are there, take a look at her jewelry for sale at her Etsy store. She has the cutest necklaces made with vintage celluloid pieces. Too cute. AND, she is having a blog drawing, so you might want to enter!

(Platter by Biche and fabric panel by Echino Woodland) both from
Laura Ingalls-Gunn's blog.


  1. A blog drawing! Hooray! Thanks for the tip! Okay, my little voice is telling me this is probably in bad taste to share, but of course I will ignore that little voice and plow ahead as usual...Speaking of deer, I was jogging on my usual route the other morning and there was a dead deer on the road. It was humongous and had antlers. It was obviously dead as it's eyes were open, yet when I jogged past him I was terrified I would see it's chest move or hear it make a sound. I spent the rest of my jog planning how I would get help for this poor creature. Of course none of the scenarios involved picking up a phone and calling animal control. They were more like building deer stretchers out of large branches and flagging down burly men in pick up trucks. Excercise is supposed to be relaxing and stress reducing. Leave it to me to invent ways to do just the opposite!


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