Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Barn House! Can Hardly Wait

I met my new friends Joe and Jermonne while working with Joy at one of her shows several months ago. To meet them is to adore them, AND I'm finally going to one of their events!! It will be sooo much fun, because so many other friends will be there (some as vendors like Joy, and Cindy and Diane who still doesn't have a blog but will soon), so I'll get to see them all. Instead of a show (well it still will be) this will be a Flea Market too! You KNOW how I've been trying to get to a flea market lately... with no luck.

If you can, you really should go too, because it will be fun, great buys to be had, and you get to hang out in a beautiful place in the country, meet great people and have a blast!! Their place is near Orchards and Hockinson, Washington, just past Vancouver (about 30 minutes from Portland), and I'll post more including driving instructions soon. DH is coming, and he'll be judging a chili cook-off (I know, I was shocked too, but um, I may have just told him it was going to be a chili cook off and hadn't yet mentioned the "flea market"/shopping aspect). C'mon seriously now, he HAD to know! Well no matter, he does now, and is excited too. I'll be helping to judge a bake-off too! Good thing the big diet doesn't start until next week!


  1. Ooh! Ooh! I wanna come! Shoot, I'll be back in school by then. But I will tell my sister in law who lives in Portland and loves a good flea as much as me.

  2. Note to self...lure husband to flea market by calling it a chili cook-off. LOL! That has to be the best thing I've read all week!
    Ooh, and did I mention last time how much I love your charms? I LOVE your charms! Happy Day!

  3. Can't wait to see you She She! Isabel and I are judging the chili cook off too.



  4. Thanks Sheila for the lovely mention of our event! We are so happy you will be able to come AND judge our little competition!!

  5. Why is it that you get to do all these really COOL things and I don't?? Jealous...well maybe just a tad!!!!!!!!! LOL...Have a deliciously good time...and tell DH not to eat to much!!

  6. I love your charm you made for Stephanie...I couldn't leave a message on you last post...might want to change that. I'm having a giveaway at my blog. laurie


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