Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hotter than a Firecracker!

Whew, it was so hot yesterday. In excess of 100 degrees, which is rare in "these parts." We did Diane's Antique Faire in Sublimity (you've seen me write about Diane Kaser a lot and she has a blog in the works, can't wait to show it to you when it's ready) and it was a lot of fun! Diane has such a gorgeous place, and many amazing vendors were there, including many new ones I hadn't yet met. So much fun meeting and visiting and making new friends. Diane looked fresh and made up and feminine, cool and calm ALL day long! That girl is amazing!

Most of us wilted in the heat. A few vendors jumped in the pool and stayed in wet clothes the rest of the day because it felt better. I have an extremely difficult time with the heat (have had heat exhaustion & heat stroke in the past) and was afraid I'd have to back out of being a vendor. Joy convinced me that I could push through, so I gave it a shot. Diane assigned us to adjoining spaces, so that is always wonderful! You know what a wonderful friend Joy is, right? Well let me tell you!

When I arrived to set up yesterday morning before the sale this is what I found: Joy in the already smothering heat working on her humongous spot, one of her wonderful potting benches right in front waiting for me to use to display my jewelry, a table set up with a lace tablecloth on top also for display, pay table, etc., One of her gorgeous mannequins dressed in a pink crinoline and "Auntie" t-shirt ready for me to decorate and water to drink. She let me sit a lot during the day so I wouldn't wear out. In the late afternoon she cooled off her motor home, turned the air conditioning on full blast, gave me some soft pillows, and had me lay down to rest and cool off. HEAVEN! That 1/2 hour was the best thing in the world! I made her go rest a bit afterwards, what a difference it made! Thank you Joy, you are the doll of universe! I forgot my camera, but took several on Joy's so I'll be sharing them soon!

I not only met new friends, but saw some familiar faces too. My dear friend Mary and her daughter Mary Catherine came and had a wonderful time. We also saw Carol Curtis who makes the most beautiful quilts in the world (you've seen 2 of them in my living room if you've ever been here!) and she makes the most beautiful and clever pieces besides the quilts. She has a blog in the works, so we'll be bugging her until she goes live! (Carol, I KNOW you are reading this, so let's see it pronto)!

There were many other special people too, just too many to mention! Stephanie from Hearts of Hartmann blog was there with 2 of her daughters, one of them (Brandi is a beautiful talented teen who not only does shows, she also has a cool blog too)! what a pretty bunch! Stephanie wrote a very nice post about me with photos of a custom charm I did for her. She has ordered some very special custom charms in the recent past too. Thanks so much Stephanie, and for the kind words and photos too!

Photos of the show soon, I promise!


  1. Ah, you are too sweet. You do the best work and your heart goes into every single piece, it shows!
    Thank you for the kind words, I cant wait until the next show....... I think Blackberry Junction is next. Are you there too?
    A nice relief from the heat is here finally, you should take a break and put your feet up after all the hard work you do!

    Take Care :)

  2. So good to have spent some time with you at the show, Sheila!! I will be looking for that chicken and rice recipe for you soon! Take care,


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