Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Photos of Diane's Show (Molly Mo's) last Saturday

Here are photos of the show! You can tell what cool things everyone had! It really was pretty, and Diane's place is gorgeous!

Here is Brandi at our booth scoping out my charms! She is the cutest teen EVER and is quite busy with her own business hand making cool things and selling them at shows and some really cool stores and botiques. Isnt'she a doll?

Here is Lindsey of Farrier's Daughter! Isn't she pretty? She is just as sweet! She LOOKS like a teen! She has the cutest daughter and hubby!

It was a great show, and one of the hotest ever! I can't believe all of the shoppers we had for being sooooooo hot! Diane is the greatest "show hostess", she is so organized and kept everything all together, and always made sure all of the vendors were taken care of. She had beautiful French music playing so that we could all hear it. Very nice.


  1. Hi there, just wanted to say thanks for the sweet comments, and to feel free to use any pics you want from the sale. Check out my flickr for the full size jobbers


  2. Hey Sheila!! Sorry we couldn't have been there sweating with you, but we were here sweating up a storm!! Diane's show looks sooo beautiful...we love her place and can't wait to make it out there again. :o)



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