Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Land that I Love and trying not to get political!

Ok, I don't like to discuss politics or religion, especially with friends, but I do have to say just one thing. (One thing, several words)...

You know I ADORE it here in Oregon, and am so happy we moved here! Being closer to our first (and only so far...) grandbaby is the best thing ever, it's great to be closer to his Daddy (OS) too. AND, I've wanted to live in Oregon forever. BUT, I do SOOOO miss my youngest son I'll call him YS (for "youngest son"). I also will always love Denver. You don't see many photos of family here on my blog besides my Grandson and his Daddy,(they have a more low key life). They (and me at my "big girl job" for that matter) don't have jobs that would be the best to advertise to the "world" but I am sooooooooo proud of them! (DH, YS, and my YB), AND so aren't real keen about me blasting their photos and names all over the internet. Especially when they're just trying to relax and be with family and friends.

Ok, all of that said, here's the thing... my YS is a police officer in the Denver Metropolitan area. His city is helping out Denver PD with security, policing, and basically keeping the public safe. I saw a photo on the internet this morning of a protester in front of the police taunting them, and the caption was "Bracing for police brutality." Can you believe it? Both of our sons are some of the sweetest, most loving and intelligent young men you'll meet. You would never pick YS out of a family pic or church pic, or any photo for that matter and identify him as a police officer. He isn't macho, he is a very strong church-going gentle Christian, hysterical and gorgeous who also happens to be very good at his job.

The thing these officers DON'T want is a confrontation or a fight. They want to keep everyone safe and things running smoothly. It just kind of rankles me that sometimes the news only reports one side of some stories... the sensational side that sells papers and ratings. You don't hear many of the heart warming stories that would make you happy and proud and sometimes even cry. The stories don't always tell you the disgusting things protesters put inside those "water" balloons before they throw them, and they don't tell you the kind and heroic things these policmen and women do to make this a better world.

YS is on the SWAT team as a hostage negotiator and recently talked a suicidal man off a bridge he was ready to jump from. You want to know what is more heartbreaking than that? The fact that several drivers on the Interstate below were sticking their heads out of their windows and yelling "jump! jump!"

And just one more thing... not all police are the same any more than you and I are. I was at Art Fest last year and made friends with a very sweet lady from California. She was younger, and "with it" and very liberal and open minded and a free-spirited person. She was all about diversity and acceptance of all mankind, and I truly believed it and know she believes it too. We still keep in touch and I'd love to visit her or have her come here to visit and grow our friendship. We visited about our lives for 3 days, she knew about all of my family and that I was a police officer (back in the day...way before I was a "fluffy" grandmotherly type... see there you go...) BUT, know what she said to me while we were at lunch one day? She said: "So, ALL police officers are Republicans, right?" I know I was unable to speak (very unusual for me)... all I could think of was her with Archie Bunker's face. (Now that really dates me)...

Ok, whew, off my soap box now.


  1. Just stopping by one of my favorite blogs to say hello!!!!~


  2. Cheers to you for speaking your mind! As a wife to a police officer, I am pleased and proud to hear a such a supportive post. Now if only the media could see the importance...afterall, what do they think they are teaching our youth by portraying those that protect them in such a negative light all of the time?
    Thank you for sharing.


  3. With a bunch of police officers in my family, I know exactly how your feel. Couldn't pay me enough to do their job, but I'm darn glad THEY do it. I'll be in touch to order some charms! xoxo M.


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