Tuesday, August 26, 2008

And now, on a happier note...

My MIL used to always say this (probably still does). Anyway, it used to annoy me, you know, not discussing and resolving all of our (and the world's) troubles and woes. Now, since I've grown older I've come to think that this is not a bad idea, AND it is a fantastic segue! Another one that used to grate on me was "happy, happy, happy!" Again, now I'm old, so I think it's a pretty good idea. A great idea actually. Ok, before I digress... The RULES for the giveaway (or most blog give aways)... be sure to leave your comment on the post where it asks for it. It's usually the first post announcing the giveaway...

2 posts in one day, oh my gosh! Maybe THAT's why I have nothing done today.

The winner will have the choice between these THREE large size wall hangings by Moonlight and Roses.

Now there's a happier note for ya!


  1. Been so long since I have had a minute to read and looks like you have been ever so busy posting up a storm. I hope your YS is safe and I agree he is a real sweetie pie! As is the rest of your wonderful family! Hope we can get together soon and do something creative. School starts in a week and that will give me lots of time...
    Strange I'm not really looking forward to my favorite little playmate leaving on that big yellow bus everyday!
    I'm sure we will both be fine!
    Love you

  2. I LVOE THOSE pictures!!!!! Especially the babies in the airplane!
    ox lulu

  3. Those are such cute pictures! And I love the idea of a contest!!!

  4. Maybe my lucky day?? Love the pics, especially the flowers.
    You're the very best!!

  5. Such a cute blot. Glad your computer is fixed! Love the cards. Julie


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