Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm So Embarrassed!

Well first let me say that Vintage Roost looks AWESOME, and I may have spent a little more cash than I had first planned, but my things are selling, so that's a good thing! I took a TON of photos so I will start posting them tomorrow.

Do you ever think you're "coming down" with Alzheimer's? I'm barely 50 though, can it be? Perhaps this is "early onset" or something. If you have family going through this (as both my parents are), you think about it a little more than usual. Great, just what I need! And yesterday after I thought I'd lost the cash I had gotten at the bank, my husband said "um, I think your memory is getting worse." Thanks, Honey!

So today when I had "lapses" I thought it must be the real deal! I know the Fibromyalgia causes some of this and "mental fog" at times too, so that's what I'm going with.

Funny, my blog friend/amazing artist Jamie emailed me today and mentioned she wasn't even 40, but was forgetting some things, and joked that her kids may want to grow up someday and put her in a home. (My sons have threatened me with this for decades... I think they like to torture us).

Funny she (Jamie) should talk about "being put in a home" today after MY few days of craziness... losing things, having to come back home several times because I forgot something... I did that three times this morning, and the same police officer was sitting in his car in the same place on all of my "trips" back and forth to home (all within about 5 minutes).

I am sure he noticed the 2nd trip when my umbrella flew off the roof of my car, and saw it laying on Main St. before I did the next time I passed by. Oh, and I am quite sure he noticed when I put my flashers on in the middle of the street and stopped traffic in order to retrieve said umbrella from earlier trip. I am certain of this because he noticed my flashers (the universal auto code of distress)... and drove over to me to see what was wrong. I didn't explain myself, didn't say "hi, how are the wife and kids?" I was too mortified to be polite. I just said "Oh, I'm okay;" I am sure he said to himself "Um, no lady, you're definitely not okay.

UGH, I am so embarrased. What could make it worse, you ask? I know this guy, and If he didn't know how goofy I was before (but I'm sure he did), he certainly does NOW. Actually, I DID forget one more thing, but there was no way in heck I was going to go home for the 4th time and pass him AGAIN.


  1. That is too funny. I hope this doesn't make front page news??

  2. You are too funny. The memory thing is REAL. It is called HORMONES and it does begin earlier than we thought: mid-late 30s.
    A great book to read to feel much better about all this is called THE FEMALE BRAIN. No kidding.
    It's worth the read.
    oxox lulu


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