Friday, October 17, 2008

Finally the Photos of Joy's House at her Fall Harvest Show last weekend!

This photo is of Sam (Joy's youngest son) blowing darts at me. Yes he hit me! (several times)... he's pretty stealth, he'd wait until I was snapping a photo and then shoot me. Maybe that explains the blurriness of these pics! SAM! I'm gonna get ya! You may think he looks quite innocent, but click on the photo to enlarge and you'll see the guilty look on that cute little face!

Here are photos of Joy's house during her show last weekend. All of the show visitors were invited in for a tour and refreshments. YUM! Pumpkin fudge! Pam, can we have the recipe? Not that I tried any... I was just wonderin'! (wink) There were goddies from Isabel and the other Pam, and oh my goodness just about all of Joy's friends. (Except me, I'd rather do the cash register and chat with guests instead of cooking)!

Isn't Joy's house darling? It's all switched around. The dining room used to be the family room and the family room used to be the living room. I'm sure it will change again very soon!

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