Monday, October 13, 2008

Joy's Fall Harvest Sale Pics

Joy's show was a big success! The weather was cool (love it) but sunny too. These photos are from the sale and tomorrow I'll show you photos of her home! A real treat for your eyes. It was a lot of fun working with her and her sisters Toni and Terri on Saturday. When I was sweeping the porch she was telling Sam that I was Cinderella. The only problem that day was my thirst. Where's the coffee I brought? Hmmmm, Joy took mine even though I brought her one too. Where's my diet coke? Um, right in FRONT OF ME, she asked her DH to get her another diet coke. Helllloooooooooooooooo, still thirsty over here behind the counter. So, he brought one for both of us. Joy drank hers right away, and when I turned around to grab mine? Not only was it missing, but JOY was drinking it too! I got it back from her and we went in the house at the end of the show to sort receipts. I brought my diet coke with me. I moved to a different chair, but hmmmm, where was my drink? You guessed it! Good Heavens, Woman can't you give a hard working girl a drink? I was dying of thirst and dehydration. I'm sure I'll help her with her next show, but I'm laying in my own private supply of beverages!


  1. There must be some kind of mix up here I'm down to just one diet coke a day.... Some people were concerned so I have really backed off... I DRINK ONE OF MINE AND ALLLLL OF YOURS!
    Thanks for understanding, you know how thirsty I get! Besides you know if you drink too much you will have to go to the bathroom!!
    Hugs to you!!

  2. It looks like it was a great show! It's a good thing my beverage is water - Joy seems to leave mine where I set it! Thanks for posting pictures for us.

  3. Everything looked usual. I think i almost stole all your charms, i want them all!

  4. Sheila, it was so nice to see you saturday, I wish I had had more time to visit...!!

  5. My husband says that my Diet Pepsi habit is breaking us =) Good thing he doesn't know about my handbag habit.

    From the pictures, it looks like it was a gorgeous sale! Wish I coulda been there.

    Blessings... Polly (p.s. The outfit is Magnolia Pearl. They come in all sizes but the prices are only size large. However large, it's still worth it!)

  6. How wonderful, it looks like it was fun!

  7. The shops you've shown on here are amazing...Love the charms also.


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