Saturday, November 15, 2008

Do You Have an Angel?

"A pillow for thee will I bring, stuffed with down of angels wing." -Unknown

Well, I believe we all have angels, and not just one but many. I've had so many experiences and miracles and so many blessings throughout my life that I believe were "helped along" by an angel or two. (Not to say it has been an easy life, especially my earlier years). Nonetheless, even during the dark times I've had things happen that are miraculous. Some haven't been miracles, just hope or delights which have cheered me beyond belief, and when I least expected them.


One morning several months ago, I woke to get the paper from the front porch, and when I opened the door I found a package there that turned out to be a shopping bag, and inside was a gorgeous vintage quilt. (It not flawless, but who wants flawless?), it wouldn't have been "me" if it were perfect and pristine. It was imaginative and old, a darling pattern, obviously made by old clothing, what they had on hand, as not all colors "matched" (which is also fine by me). It is backed by an old quirky material from the 50s with boys and rockets on it. With that side showing, it matched our grandson Brock's room here, so in it went.

Also in the bag were two vintage (beautifully shabby) tablecloths. Amazing. Who would drop something so dear on my doorstep, knowing they would be so appreciated and would leave me in awe? I called my friend Joy to see she had left it. "No silly" she said, if I had such things I wouldn't be giving them away. So on went the mystery.

A few months later, Brock and I went out to get the paper. Again, there was a bag stuffed with something heavy. When I looked inside I couldn't believe it. It was a HUGE bag full (really full) of gorgeous vintage jewelry! I adore this stuff, so seeing that much just left there for me, took my breath away. It had vintage rhinestone pieces galore inside, several strings of pearls, rosary beads, and way more. I said to my Grandson "look Brock, an angel left us a present!" We had fun going through it and it took hours.

There is a precious little lady here that comes twice a month to clean our house, and it turns out it was she who was the "angel" both times. We rarely see each other, as I'm at work when she comes, so it's not like really "knew" me (or so I thought). She never left the packages on days she had been here, so I didn't have a clue. When I finally asked her, she said yes, and that they were things that had been given to her, or she'd gotten while thrifting and they reminded her of me. Can you believe how sweet she is?

I think our angels can be the "human" kind too, don't you?

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