Thursday, November 13, 2008

My New Charms on their way to Vintage Roost!

Here are some of the charms I took to the Vintage Roost as they are setting up for the upcoming Holiday Open House and show. Fun, fun but whew I was in high gear for a few days!

Some of the charms are also going to a very cool store in Salem, OR as well. I can hardly wait to tell you AND to show photos of the store. I just love it, and since it is close to my "big girl job" I haunt it regularly. Tune in for details! You can see them at Vintage Roost, their shows are wonderful! (Please see previous post for details/dates/times).

If it wasn't for Joy thinking up a cute and clever new way to show my prices, helping me (colored coded ribbons)it would have been frantic as they were due yesterday. (I don't like to miss deadlines).

She is quite a wonderful friend... always there when you need her, before you'd even dream of asking. She told me to show up at her shop, and there she was, ready and with a clever/easier way for me to price my charms and still show them off. She helped me get them all color coded (by ribbon color), had my coordinating signs already made up and waiting for me, her workshop ready to go. She worked with me, gave me a hug and sent me out the door. The 2nd photo is showing how I messed up her newly straightened shop!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


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  1. The charms look darling!!! Hope to see you soon...

  2. You made another great batch of charms again I see! Good Luck at the sale, I might see ya there :)

  3. I was happy happy to help you! You have been a big big help to me numerous times! I had such a great time on my bday outing Saturday, thanks for all the fun!
    I seriously think we were on the way to solving the worlds problems, if we hadn't seen that glittery fru fru no doubt we would have for sure!
    Love you

  4. oh, my gosh, sheila, your charms are darling!! and SO many of them!


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