Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Finally Finished my Art/Craft/Sewing Studio!

Hi, aren't I a lucky girl? I know you've been hearing me drone on for a year about getting "the room" cleared out, and decorated. Now that it is, I know you've been anxiously awaiting the results. So, here it is!

I know you must love it as I do! What's that you ask? Why are the walls all different colors? Well, you know me: color, color, color with lots of pink, green and aqua! What? You say it looks like different studios instead of one? Well, I told you it was a BIG room!

OK, so it isn't mine! It came from here: ( and it really is a cute blog! A girl can dream, can't she? What? you want to know WHY I still call myself a girl when I just passed the 5-0? OK, I am closing in on the 5-3 but I'll always be a girl! Speaking of which... it appears that Santa only delivers to kids. I feel so ripped off, actually a bit ticked. I wasn't trying to fool him by asking for the "Hello Kitty" version of a sewing machine. I just need one, and I thought it was cute, that's all. Interpretation: no XMAS gifts. (Don't you hate it when people say Xmas instead of spelling it out? I do too, but I am a bit indignant)! Oh well, my birthday is coming soon, and I'm sure since Santa didn't come through, the hubster will. Why do I always say "no gifts honey, really I don't need a thing?" Pants on fire.

Oh well, my blog friend Jan (why can't I find your blog now)? told me that a real machine would be better. I mainly want it to be easy and to sew paper, so I hated to ruin a "real" one by doing such things to it.

Anyway, life is good AND I need to get charms made for the Valentine and Quilt shows coming up at the end of THIS month. I'll send ya links to them as soon as I have them.


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  1. You crack me up! I hope you get your sewing machine. If I had any money, I'd get you one myself! =)

  2. You are soooooooooo precious, thank you! If I had any $ I would buy you something COOL too!

    I hope your New Year is one of your best yet.


  3. Okay Sheila... if you can "dream your space" to look like this, I want you to "dream up" something for me too! I have arranged, re-arranged, and threatened to come after it all with a backhoe, and I still can't get my little room to function the way I would like, let alone look pretty in the process! Maybe all those gals with the pictures that look so swell are taking their hints from The Jetsons... remember when Jane didn't have any makeup on yet, and the phone would ring? She'd throw that "Jane" cut out up in front of the screen, so it LOOKED like she was all "done." Well, maybe we should have a 'stand in' too?!

  4. I was sooo surprized that you had your room done and hadn't even told me you started working on it!! Now I feel ripped off!! Actually I do have an old sewing machine that you can "borrow" forever... It is fine for sewing paper and... I have sewn a million miles on it so it is broken in nicely!!
    Love you! Pinkie I mean Sheila!!


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