Sunday, January 11, 2009

No Go on the Train to Spokane!

Since the weather was so snowy and icy from here to Spokane, we decided that we'd take the train and save ourselves some time and trouble.
We just want to go and comfort my Dad in the loss of his wife.
He has taken it badly, and his heart is broken. We were supposed to leave yesterday (Saturday afternoon). For some reason, it was not to be. The trains in and out of Portland and Seattle to Spokane were cancelled due to flooding. It was very tough news for me, I just wanted to get out there and give him (and my brother and family) a hug and lots of love. DH is so sweet, he makes everything easier for me to bear. My younger brother was able to get a reasonable air fare, so I feel better that he is there now. Maybe going in "shifts" will help the family more, and make my Dad feel busier.
In a few weeks we'll try it again. Poor Pop, he keeps forgetting that she passed away, and then my brother has to tell him again. Can you imagine having to be reminded of such a thing over and over and being shocked each time?
God is good, I know there are many blessings in here somewhere.
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  1. That's so sad! My dad's mind comes and goes, and he was convinced that my mom had died, and he was crying. She, of course, hadn't died...but it just ripped my heart out that he thought she had.

    I'm sure that you'll be able to be with your dad at just the right time. ~Lori


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