Monday, January 26, 2009

My New Friend Carol from Craigs List!

I adore my friends, and I LOVE love LOVE making new friends, don't you? I seem to find many of my new ones in the most unusual places though! Take my new friend Carol for instance. NO, I wasn't looking in the "personals", I was looking for furniture, sillies!

Here's how it all happened. First I traded my bedroom armoire with Joy for a low wide dresser. This transaction was handled over the phone. I said hey, can I trade you the armoire in my bedroom for the dresser in your shop? Sure, she said! An hour later, it was in my bedroom. Having the black armoire and the small white dresser out of there was a huge relief. (Thank you, Joy)! I always meant to paint the armoire cream or white, but never did. Those 2 things right next to each other hurt my eyes. Very un-cool.

Besides, I had to give the previous dresser drawers to DH, which forced me to stack my jammies, etc. in the armoire, under the television. Who needs a tv in the bedroom anyway? The new dresser has SO much room. Ahhhhh. Our bedroom looks so much bigger with the 2 other pieces gone. The dresser is very well made, lots of drawers and is French Provential. Now don't turn your nose up at the thought, that type of furniture is the next generation of Shabby Chic (I think it really is Shabby Chic, but I hate that term... it's kind of 90's sounding), but I adore the style.

ANYWAY... I am usually VERY anti-matchy matchy, but I had a hankering for it after the big clear out. We had a tiny chest on my side of the bed and a little table on the DH side of the bed, and while I loved it at first, I'm craving things cleared up a bit, just a tad bit streamlined maybe. SOOOO, the next thing you know I'm on Craigslist looking for keywords: French Provential nightstands.

Bingo, that brought me straight to my soon to be new friend! She had 2 nice matching nightstands that went well with the dresser, and after a little haggling, we had a deal. She said that if I bought them, she'd throw in some PINK depression glass. What a sly deal maker she is! She had read my blog and knew just what my weaknesses were. Her name is Carol.

Anyway, she is a night owl, and we started "chattering" back and forth by email. I would say: "ok, stop! I'm going to bed now." She'd shoot right back with an email and I'd open it, and she'd written "I bet you're reading this!"

A few days and millions of emails later, my DH went to pick up the nightstands. I couldn't go because as you know, I have 2 shows coming up, and at the last minute I'm usually in a panic creating until the wee hours, and obsessing about whether I'll get it all finished on time. I tried to find out what she collected but she was very vague... she said she collects everything! (Well Carol, don't we all? Welcome to the club most husbands hate)! I made her a little package of vintage linens, a chenille rug, etc.

But that was nothing compared to what she sent home to me! DH walked in with this white box. I opened it, and found these lovely things! 5 beautiful pink depression glass plates, a beautiful ribbon rose, all wrapped in pretty tissue and sprinkled with cherry chocolate Hershey's kisses! She also sent me a whole stack of vintage Valentines!!! She had read that I'm making charms out of some old ones right now.

Isn't she just a DOLL?! We are meeting soon to go thrifting and to lunch. She is a lot of fun too, and a real smarty pants! You know how I love that in a person!

Thank you sooooooooo much, Carol!


  1. Love your blog Sheila--also popped over to your friends--that blog party in Silverton sounds like fun--I may pop into that show at the Oregon Garden this Saturday:)!

  2. Not sure how I stumbled upon this blog about your CL friend but I have to laugh at your story because I met a new friend just recently because of some depression glass I was selling on funny! We just went thrift store shopping last week and it was a ton of fun! Thanks for sharing your story :0)


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