Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What was in Store for Theresa and Flor?

This photo is from my collection. On the back, scrawled in pencil are the names "Flor and Theresa." I often wonder who these lovlies were and what was their story? Sometimes when I go shopping and see vintage photos I wonder how in the world families can part with them. Then I remember my DH's family's no-nonsense, "clean it out, throw it away" can do attitude. Yikes!

I learned this too late in my marriage to save the family heirlooms in my in-law's case. (Didn't we, Holly)? OMG, thinking back I just die inside! I was helping with the Estate Sale of Uncle Hal. He was quite a character and I have several hilarious tales to sometime regale you with of Uncle Hal's antics. When the family gets together, we frequently bring the stories up. There's nothing like laughing until you accidentally "spit talk" or nearly potty your pants. Oh, and that reminds me of another story! Oops, ohhhh, perhaps another time.

Anyway, my SIL Holly and I got there too late (probably by 7 a.m.). That is one productive family by gosh! By the time we got there to help, they had thrown away/given away/donated all of those useless old quilts and photos. I clasped my mouth in disbelief! "Oh my gosh," said I. "How could you possibly throw those things out?" My MIL said "Well, land sakes, we didn't recognize any of those people, and the one I did was just a baby picture of Dad, who needs those old things?" I inquired about what else was cleared out. "Oh just some old quilts and that old colored glass, like the stuff at we cleaned out of Great-Grandmother's house. You were working that day anyway. Just junk."

I swallow hard writing this, even though it was over 15 years ago. I still ache from it.
Whenever they wanted to get rid of things they no longer had use for at their own house, they would just set up a table and start setting it out on the driveway. It was a busy corner in South Denver, and no signs were needed. The people came in droves. Omigosh. Heart failure.

Aren't they precious standing there with their hair all pulled up and the pretty flowers pinned on their blouses? I love their skirts, and how about that little crease at the bottom of their blouses? I wonder what that was for? A crumb catcher? :) I wonder. Anyway, they're safe and sound with me, and now they'll get their moment of fame here on my blog. Bless their hearts. I'm sure their homes were very organized.

Poor Flor and Theresa, they're probably victims of a cleared out house. I will probably have to make up stories about them to make myself laugh. Gulp. Right... Maybe that's why it's hard for me to pass up old things like this sweet photo. (Stand-by I think I'm dreaming up a new excuse for buying my junk, 'er um "vintage" collections). I'm emotionally overwrought by the memories of the familial loss. Sounds good, I'll take it for a spin and see if it flies!

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  1. That's a great photo! It kills me to think of all the things my parents and grandmother have gotten rid of over the years! If I only had those things now! ~Lori

  2. Yip,
    Auntie Flor and Auntie Theresa, I sure did love those two characters.. They were the life kof the party, they often dressed alike and carried on like two crazy ladies, those were the days. Well enough about my family, I hope you are busy soldering and getting lots done!
    p.s. wish me luck on the IQ test


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