Saturday, January 17, 2009

I swear progress has been made!

I don't know why the "before" photos of my work room are so small (it must have been a happy accident), but click on them if you must, I have no shame. Apparently some of my friends look at the pictures and never read the words (ahem!... you know who you are).
I thought I better show the real photos, knowing full well, said friends won't read the actual post. This way at least they will know that my workroom certainly has a long way to go until it's close to looking vaguely like those! (You're my friends, what were you thinking)??? I'd have sure been bragging if those were my legit photos. The "in progress" photos are from today, and while it is FAR from being finished, at least you can see the light of day in more than one corner! (Ok, maybe ONLY in one corner). I'll keep ya posted!

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  1. I am checking up on bloggs finally!! It has been kinda busy lately, and i was reading your blog about OOAK, who the heck made that up??? If it makes you feel better i had no idea what it meant either, until i read your post!! Check in soon, i will post some pictures of my treasures! And i got a third hand..i havent used it yet though. When i opened it, it was packaged with shredded paper, and it was rusty, i wasnt very happy, i am guessing it was a return! oh well, nothing steel wool cant touch up =D have a good weekend

  2. Hi there!!
    Just stopping by to wish you a Happy Sunday and looks like you are making progress !


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