Monday, February 2, 2009

Joy's Space at the Oregon Garden Quilt Show!

Isn't she just as cute as anyone could possibly be?? She is just as sweet. She is talented, a wonderful wife, mother and friend, AND quite possibly the hardest worker I've ever met. Yep, that's our Joy! If you know her you'll agree. This is Joy in her darling booth during the Oregon Garden Quilt Show in Silverton last weekend. She and just a very few other vendors were the only ones not having sewing/quilting as their primary focus. It was fun.

I was only there on Saturday, but Jorie helped her set up and Celia was there with Joy on Thursday. They also made and sold some gorgeous and fun pieces in the booth as well (and of course Joy let me sell my charms there as well). See what a great friend she is? Celia and Jorie have an Etsy Store, so if you missed the show, you can get "the goods" there. It is called CJ Woolyard's!

Here is one of my journals, which you can find on my Etsy store.

Joy creates yummy color coordinated displays, doesn't she?

So pretty, right? Here is a photo of the journals she makes. (Um, yes they are the same size as mine)... wonder where I got the idea?

That vintage quilt on the right hand side on the shelves below was only $18! Yep, it was snapped up!

More cute things from Celia and Jorie!

Bliss... Cute glittered sign, huh? If you're a "Shabby Seeker" (get it? Play on words)? Ok. Anyway, if you ARE, this booth was THE place for you to get your Bliss on!

Here is Queenie! It's not very lady-like to show you her backside FIRST, but here she is! I think she must be married to the "barrel man" because do you see her cute skirt? Rusty fencing held up by cute ribbons! That Joy and her creative ideas! If you look closely, you can see that Queenie also has a rhinestone tatoo on her derriere. It says "Queenie" of course.

Queenie wore my charms on her front side! Joy set them all up for me. Most of them are hearts cut from vintage cutter quilts, encased in glass and soldered. They were fun to do, and soon they will be available in my Etsy shop.

Darling "altered" sweater by Celia. Click on photo to enlarge. OH YES, I must tell you! In addition to her Etsy shop with Jorie, Celia owns a darling yarn shop with all sorts of ideas, yarns, gifts and classes too. It is in Silverton and is called "The Purl District." How cute is that? (Oh sure, you giggle at her play on words, and not mine)!

Button button, whose got the button? Remember this old game? I LOVE old buttons. LOVE them, can't get enough of them. "Why" you ask, as I don't sew? I can't describe why, I just do. I can display them and craft with them you know! Oh, and I can solder them too, so there!

This cute black knit scarf on Queenie was only $19 and it has real fur trim. It was sooo awesome. I loved it. Don't know why it didn't sell! (Maybe because I kept petting it)? Don't tell Joy.

My friends Kerry and Jerry stopped by to see me on Saturday, they are so sweet!

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  1. What fabulous pictures...and what a fun looking show! Wish I had known about it...I am dying for a good show to meander about...and spend some money! Great pictures...thanks for the fun blog!

  2. Oh geeee, you say the nicest things! You are the bestest friend ever!! We did have a blast and I am ever so glad we didn't get thrown out for laughing so loud and often!!
    And by the way I did notice you petting the scarf, but thats okay, your bdays coming...
    Oh no time for the test....


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