Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Things that Really Matter

Remember a few posts ago I told you to stay tuned for surprise news? Well, I can spill the beans now! Here is a hint: (my small vintage collection below):

And here is the new one (below) I bought recently to celebrate!! Celebrate what, you may ask? Well, our youngest son is getting married to a wonderful young lady that we adore!! Thank you, God for this sweet and happy blessing. The cake topper below is one I bought to commemorate the proposal/marriage. Don't panic, A&K, I wouldn't give this to you, I know you would be mortified. (I could get a few chuckles though if I made you think I wanted you to use it)! It's just for me.

I'm so excited and plans are already whirling around in our heads (well, she and I at least). IT will be fun and gorgeous. Can't wait. Now I'll have a precious daughter and we already love each other. (Again, thank you, God)!

Don't think this story has all been told though, because the young Master is in a bit of hot water with his mother over how he scammed me on the story. (Does he not know in 30 years that I'm a better practical jokester than he)? Sheesh. I'll tell you that part later.

Am I not blessed though, to ALSO have the good fortune that my dear friends are "Jills of all trades", even in the "wedding" biz?? We'll have the cake and the decor and details all taken care of. K and I can start buying a few bride magazines too! She's precious, and a smart cookie... (also a smarty pants, which we all know, I LOVE in a person) all rolled up into a cute and very intelligent blonde with darling little freckles. LOVE you, K!

Sometimes when you have a bad day or do something stupid and embarrassing (which I did today), you can discouraged, but be heartened because these happy things are the REAL stuff in life! I have more (unrelated) happy news bits to share but I'll split them all up in to several posts to keep you interested!

Maybe I'll give you hints about the other ones, and have the winner get a prize!



  1. How exciting....a wedding soon! Our last wedding was only 4 yrs. ago and they'll be one more to go,yippee! So savor every minute starting now.....candy

  2. How fun for you! Gosh what if I was invited and showed up on the wrong day! Wouldn't that be a surprise??

  3. Of course you'll be invited, silly you're one of my best friends and BEST wedding planners. Don't worry, you wouldn't show up on the wrong day, I'll take you with me to keep an eye on you!

    But ordinarily, NO it wouldn't be a surprise, but you do make me laugh!

    Love you

  4. Oh my gosh, congrats! That is so cool! What a fun time, weddings are so great! And they are very lucky to have you to help in the planning! It will surely be absolutely stunningly beautiful!

  5. Congratulations! I am so happy and excited for you all! What an amazing, wonderful, fantastic blessing! :)


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