Saturday, February 28, 2009

One of my Most Precious Friends Saves the Day!

Oh my gosh, what a wonderful Surprise!
There I was in my easy chair with the heating pad covering as much of my neck and back as I could stretch out of it. I was in excruciating pain (Fibromyalgia and Degenerative Disc Disease) if you don't have it, pray you never get it, and if you already do, you have my deepest sympathies). ANYWAY! There I was, miserable inside and out, physically, emotionally (every way you can imagine) and I heard footsteps coming up to the front door. Usually this sound sends me rushing to the door in anticipation of something wonderful that won't fit in my mailbox! Nope, couldn't do it, couldn't move.

Then, my husband came home for lunch, and there WAS a package! He opened it for me and this is what I found!

Beautiful, no? It was from my friend Deb in Denver. She and I have been friends since Junior High school. Somehow she knew I needed cheering, and she wanted me to pamper myself because she knows my hands get a wreck when I solder. How sweet is that?

It was a perfect gift because while I haven't been able to solder in awhile due to the pain, it will still help. When my pain gets bad it is usually worst in my neck and hands. What an angel she is and she didn't even know it. She pampered my hands and my soul. Thank you Deb, from the bottom of my heart. You mean the world to me and you're always in my thoughts and prayers!

We have a very strong bond that extends throughout nearly 40 years (Gosh, we're old)! Of course we have a friend bond, a Mom one, humor, living through the ups and downs of life and one that... well let's say that we may have done some things in our younger days that we don't want our kids to know! (Ever)! I said MAY have done.

I love you so, my sweet friend!

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  1. What a sweet gift, Sheila...!!! Hope you get better soon...

  2. Wow, how sweet and a nice little pick me up !
    Take Care ,

  3. Hi Sheila

    Just wanted to let you know you won my blog contest last week. I never heard from you with a mailing address. Please email me at and I'll get your prize out to you asap.


  4. Sheila
    I am down with my Degenerative Disc Disease also. I have never ask my Doctor about Fibromyalgia but sure I have it. I hurt sooooo bad this week I can't get up & down with out terrible pain. I feel for you. Happy your friend sent the surprise package. I am visiting Portland this July for the big Expo show. Maybe I will see you?

    Janice In Missouri


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