Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Yikes, I've been Tagged! Hope the Pic is Decent!

I've been tagged by Debbi over at All In My Cottage (a/k/a MarionBerry Cottage)!

Here are the things to do:

1. Go to the fourth folder in your picture file on your computer.

2. Post the fourth picture from that file (here's mine):

3. Explain the picture: Whew, I lucked out on this one! It could've turned out to be an embarrassing photo! It turns out that it is a cute bird house hanging on a tree at Vintage Roost!

4. Tag 4 more people, so here are those I tagged:

Tina from: Tina Brown Travels

Laura (Tina's cute sister) from: The Pemble People

Pattie from Artfully Yours:

and my sweet little friend Brandie from:

Ok, girls your turns!

(Ok, you're probably wondering why I didn't tag Joy... of course my most obvious choice, but she is SO busy getting ready for... (you'll want to GO, see my next post)!

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