Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Joy is Having a Blog Party Saturday at Her House!

Hurry, now you have cool plans if you live near Silverton. Joy is having a blog party at her house! It isn't an on-line one, it is in person! I don't think I can make it, as someone here (ahem) has me on medical surveillence and has grounded me for the weekend. I would give anything to go, as Joy is my VERY best friend here in the Pacific Northwest. She is a dolly, and you must go if you haven't met. These girls (the blog girls) are all so talented and so much fun, it will be a riot!

(Of course after that or on Friday or next weekend you'll have to see the Vintage Roost in Albany)!

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  1. Dear Miss Sheila,
    What if we gave someone a little sleepy time tea and you snuck out while he was sleeping?? No, probably a bad idea... He just wants you to feel good. Thanks for inviting your readers I am so excited and tell you know who I could use a rest patrol person after this...
    Hugs we will miss you so much!!


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