Monday, March 30, 2009

The Beauty of Emotion

Isn't this photo amazing? It is sad and beautiful at the same time. I'm not sharing it to make you sad, I just want to show the deep deep love in their faces. There is so much love and longing, and "life will never be the same-ness" there. While you know it breaks my heart (you know me)... I find it stunningly beautiful.

It's part of my collection. I don't know who or where they were, but the story they tell make all of that unnecessary.
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  1. I am a photograph collector too and that photo is absolutely gorgeous! Reminds one that a photo is worth a thousand words! Thanks so much for sharing this precious piece of history!


  2. Don't you just love old photos? I am also very fortunate to have quite a few in my collection.


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