Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Better than Vanna White!

My little "Display Man" takes his jobs very seriously around these parts!

This is the piece I made for my brother (from the aforementioned pics)

OOPS! My serious worker seems to have run amok with the camera!

The upside down self-portrait is my personal fav! As for the other one..."Papa" won't let me put it on my blog! Seriously, what a party pooper. It was a pic of him taking a nap on the sofa (upside down of course). He must have really been tired because even the flash didn't wake him up. I wonder what else we (er, Brock) could have done to him while he was sleeping!

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  1. Sheila your blog is looking magnificent! How's you do this??? Email me, I will send your care package this weekend:)


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