Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Collage Camp Workshop

So, you know I am crazy excited about my first class with KC Willis, and that it's on-line at my own speed. (Yes, I know my speed in any area is questionable). Seriously though, I am starting to gather materials, and I never thought I'd ever be purchasing "ticking". You know how I've been asking you to join me? Well now, I have another temptation! Just click here.

I got even more excited when I received the supply list! (Ticking, mind you and me without a sewing machine bone in my body). That's another whole story.

I've been thinking about the subject for my collage. I have almost settled on a family photo from the early 1900s. Almost. Then I saw an awesome article in our local paper today. It is called "Our Town Life" and the story is about the Molalla Indians. Who knew that we are living on the land that these amazing people lived and walked on? Certainly not me! I thought Molalla was just the name of a cute local town, but there is so much History! Sadly, there are no full-blooded Molalla Indians living now. Apparently the last one (a man named Henry) was born in 1886.

This is "Molalla Kate". Is she not beautiful? How strong and proud and brave she was! Because of her fancy dress, she would have been considered very rich for her time. I SO wish this photo were clearer! I'll go to the museum to see if they have copies of her that would show up in my art work.

(Photo: courtesy of Smoke Signals, A Publication of the Grand Ronde Tribe; Special Edition, Spring 1999). Other info courtesy of "Our Town" Vol.6, No.8

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  1. You can do it! Sew that is! It's really not that difficult.

  2. Thanks for all your enthusiasm for my workshop. We are going to have so much fun...and your Indian woman image is beautiful. Bye for now!


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