Monday, April 13, 2009

Oh, the Lengths I go to in Order to Share My Life with You!

So, as it happens (rarely)... I'm not sure why, but I was very early on my way to work on Friday. As I waited to make my turn onto the biggest road on my commute, I looked across the intersection, and I saw an out house gliding along the field in the distance... by itself! Click on photo above, but it happened so quickly, I don't know if you can see it. True, I had only had 1/2 cup of coffee so far, but I knew what I saw! Instead of turning, I zoomed across the road. Well of course by the time I crossed the road the pick up was in sight and had already un-latched his delivery.
DARN! I wanted to show you how it looked, moving across the field but the driver was too quick!
I wasn't going to waste a good "photo op" of course! I thought I'd take photos anyway, so at the very least you can see how very pretty my commute is! So, I pulled up the road further and further while taking photos for you to see!
Well, pretty soon, here came the man in the pickup wondering what the heck I was up to. I was next to his employee's car, and he had seen me taking the pics, so he was wondering! (I thought he was long gone). Nope! Anyway, the KEY-UTEST (cutest) young man got out of his truck and said "Can I help you with something?" I held up my camera for proof that I wasn't breaking into the other car. "Um, no I'm okay thanks! I just saw the out house gliding across the field and your truck was covered by the ridge, and I thought it would be a funny picture for my blog so I started taking pictures. I know it looks funny, but I really am not crazy! See, I am dressed up for work, and I'm on my way to work in Salem at the Court House." (Was he buying it yet, or was he going to radio me in to the authorities)? "OH, you work at the Court House? Well then you must know my wife Emma." (Uh oh, I'm thinking, I'm found out, everyone at work is going to find out and never let me live it down).

As soon as I got settled at work I was about ready to zoom down to her office to get to her before her husband did so I could explain myself! Too late. I logged on to my email and there was already one from her. It said "sooooooo, you're out taking pictures of outhouses on your way to work, huh?" Ugh, how embarrassing! She said he called her on her cell as she was driving to work and she couldn't quit laughing. I better show her this post or she'll never believe me. Nice to meet ya, Carl!

ANYWAY... don't I live in a beautiful area?


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  1. lol! That is hilarious! Such a beautiful commute though :0)

  2. That is so funny! Maybe not as funny as the day after Christmas in Target!! But still funny!
    Miss you!!

  3. Oh, yes, Sheila! I'm glad you stopped to take pictures! (And decided to share with all of us.) OF COURSE it had to be a hubby of a co-worker!

    The Willamette Valley is truly beautiful and you have a great commute!

    Laughs and hugs -

    Betty :)

  4. if it makes you feel better (or worse), my sister, Emma, the wife of the husband who you met, had to forward me your blog! Too funny.....


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