Monday, April 27, 2009

My Dirty Little Secret

Good Morning, my name is Sheila and I'm a magazine-aholic. Fine, there it is, for all the world to see. You might as well know the truth.

Sometimes, I try to disguise my "little" secret by placing my beloved journalistic and photographic manna into various containers throughout the house. That way (in my mind) they might look like part of the decor.
The full "tub"below? Yes, that's a real vintage tub for a small child. Don't let my photo fool you into thinking it's just a cute little metal tub.
Yeah, the cute wicker breakfast tray has been overtaken by my magazines too. Sad, but true.

Please try to overlook the very (Very) old phone with the beanbag hotpad covering the very bright numbers on the phone/clock radio. (I know, I know). It has a very long cord too, but it still works.

Here's just a quick peek under the bed. Doesn't look too bad from this angle, does it? (I can assure you though...) OH, and see the pink one sticking out? THAT my dears is the BRITISH version of Home and Garden. Oh my goodness, you haven't lived until you've seen British decorating magazines. Ahhhhhhhh. I fell in love with them (and especially the British version of Country Living) when I was over there last time about a decade ago. BUT, you can buy them here now if you have a book store nearby with a good magazine department.
And of course I have wedding magazines too. I pick (er, picked) them up from time to time to send to K. to help her plan for her wedding to my cute son! (I've meant to send some for a long time, I'll get a box and do it this week for sure)!

Nope, no place is too sacred to stack my books and magazines. Do you think if they are neatly stacked that maybe they aren't so noticeable? No, not much.
Yep, I even have the books and mags stacked in bedside drawers. Take a look at that top one! "Organizing for the Spirit!" I need that one! I started to read it at one point, but then I lost it. Now that I know where it is, I should at least try and drag myself through the whole book. I am sure it is quite good if I only give it another really good (focused) try and don't lose it again.
Oh no, the bathroom isn't safe either. I don't read those mags, they're oldies... just for looks. I think I have plenty others laying around so that I could safely toss these and fill it back up with prettier newer ones with covers more in line with my color scheme.
What about recycling? I used to bring a bunch to work to share there, but now I "work" here. Don't worry about me becoming more overrun with thousands more magazines. My new "job" doesn't include a pay check. So, unless you have some newer ones you can part with, and drop them on my front porch so the Mister doesn't see them, that would probably be great. HOWEVER, if you are like ME, it's probably hard to part with them.

Do you love LOVE magazines too? My most favorite are these by Somerset/Stampington. It seems like they come out with a new magazine every month. My faves of theirs are: Artful Blogging, Somerset Studio, Artist's Cafe, Art Journaling, (well any of them). Then there are the decorting mags: Romantic Homes, Country Living, Domino (may it RIP), Living, Oprah, all of them.

One of my all time favorites is in a language I can't even read! That would be "Marie Claire Idees"! I'm mad about that magazine from France. It is just to die for. When I subscribed for a very short time (Il est très coûteux = it is soooooo expensive!) I did it through Amazon, so that part was easy. I thought since I had a very very basic understanding of the language that I might be able to figure out instructions if there was a project I simply had to try. Yeah, not so much. There's a big difference between high school French (Where is Jean, let's go to the library, I do not want fish, please drive me to the North train station) and reading the real deal. Even being in France it is easier to get by knowing a few important words. Worlds easier than trying to read it. But sister, let me tell you... the pics alone are worth it. (If you have a real job, that is).

That's one of the biggest hitches with the "new job" thing. I love books too. Borders will be so sad not to see me anymore.

I hope you have a great day! I'll be reading the pages of Country Living from 2001 and pretending I've never seen those issues. I want to recycle these oldies before I toss them. Just so you know I'm being as green as possible... if I don't pass them along to someone, I DO put them in the paper recycling container that goes out every week. Maybe I'll shred some and use those for packing when I mail off charms and other fragile things I make.

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  1. I want to know who would want a magazine that has all the great pages torn out?? All I can say is.. thank the Lord we have blogs or us poor folk would really be up a creek without a paddle! I am meaning to come by, whatever you do don't leave the house, just sit by the window and wait for me... Just kidding I will be by but I will call first
    Have I mentioned how much I love love love your background??

  2. Oh, we are kindred spirits! I just cleaned the basement out, I have been saving Country Decorating magazines for 10 years! I don't know what I was thinking! It's not like I am going to be painting my rooms mauve and blue and pull all of those cute ducks out again! I do have to admit that I saved all of the Fall/Halloween and Christmas issues of all of the different mags. I went from 12 boxes down to just one large one...I'm making progress! From now on, if I see something I like I'm going to cut the page out and pass the rest along to Shelby! Boy, won't she love that! I wanted to cry as all of my treasures were being deposited in the recycling bins. Thank goodness for bloggers like you, I now have 'online magazines'! And yes...there are a couple of blogs that I just look at the pictures! NOT yours, I read every word! Love Ya!

  3. Oh my gosh...I think you do have a problem. Maybe we should stage an intervention. But then again, maybe not. A lot of us probably share your same problem. Thanks for visiting today!

  4. Oh, boy - this post really hit home with me! I am a TOTAL magazine addict myself, as well. I have been too embarrassed to write about it on my blog - let alone show pictures. I don't even have enough time to sit here and go on and on about all of the ones I have closeted away, etc. Let's just say that I've subscribed to and kept EVERY single issue since their inception of : M. Stewart Living, M.E. Home Companion, Victoria, and some others - and there are so many more that I love! I nearly wept when so many of my favorites ceased publication recently. It is probably a good thing that the nearest Borders (or other) bookstore is well over an hour away, so I am unable to get the British Country Living. I bought one once and wanted more. I am lucky that my husband doesn't complain because they are threatening to take over the house - and some are already in storage! I do have stacks of torn-out pages ready to file, some in boxes, and some already in binders - with more empty binders waiting in the wings! It's a sickness, I tell you....


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