Thursday, April 23, 2009

The New Job

Ok, I think I can get used to this new "work" routine. The training is quite grueling, what with only one nap a day the past few days. It hasn't been even a week yet, but I think this career suits me. (AND, this is the first morning I've awakened without much pain). That helps! I will give you a short tour.

Here we have the "reception room" in the front office.

The candle burning sets a certain ambiance for the employee.

Below is a photo of the employee break room and front & center is the workplace bulletin board. There are some important "memos" posted right now!

Next we have my cubicle. What's that? What's up with the big blue thing on the "task" chair? Well, that's just a nice heating pad, furnished by the management to make the employee more comfortable. What with all the reading, the coloring, the phoning, the television watching, I must have this, and the boss doesn't want any complaints, I'm sure.

Here we have the employee displaying the business casual attire.

And below, said employee is displaying the formal work clothing. You never know when an important client may show up at the door.

What is this? Why it appears to be the front window of the office with the shade open only 1/2 way. (The photography isn't great, but you get the idea).

And now the same window has the shade opened all the way. Hmmm, I wonder why? Well, possibly because the employee is expecting a home appraiser and wanted everything to look bright! (You know, the new low mortgage rates)! This is the last time the employee will lower the shades this far. Why?

Well, maybe the employee was in the "breakroom" sock dancing to her "I-potch" (the grandson calls her I-pod, the I-potch). It was a fine mix of rock, country, classical, you name it. We have a full complement of fine music here at the office. Maybe she was doing that, and MAYBE she won't admit it (er, maybe she wasn't)!

This is the dress down attire that said employee -may- have been wearing while sock dancing/sliding to Aretha Franklin while the breakroom was being straightened. Yep. The shade was all the way open.

The mailman at this place knows me wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy more than he wants to. (At least my hair wasn't sticking straight up today, but there is the factor of the bathrobe (um, overcoat) missing from the situation. When you're standing on the porch (office entrance), you have full view all the way through to the "breakroom".

Which is why the new office policy must be instituted: The shades shall remain at 1/2 mast (open with only the top 1/2 or even one third of the window showing), or completely closed when employee isn't dressed in at least the business casual mode!

Oh calm down, I've been telling myself! At least I wasn't holding a big spoon pretending it was a microphone and singing. (Just singing, okay)?!

What was the song, you ask? A bit nosy I'd say. But, if you must know, it was "R-E-S-P-E-C-T" what else would be more fitting? (And uh, there's really no reason to mention this to "the boss" alrighty)?

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  1. I am laughing hardly this morning!! YOU have made my day! This is a delightful post Shelia...May your days be filled with such humor, sunshine, comfort, and dancing socks!

  2. lol.....I wanna work there! I'm so glad that you are able to get some rest (when not in concert) and that you are feeling less pain! What a beautiful home, er, I mean 'Office". You have found your bliss. Love Ya!

  3. Working from home looks awesome and your office is amazing. Enjoy and feel better!!

    Hugs, Tarita

  4. Are "they" hiring? I am a great employee!



  5. You are one funny girl! Your "office" is beautiful by the way. Looks like the perfect way to hang out. Sometimes the benefits to our physical and emotional well-being waaayy outweigh that pay check! Hint....when you get the urge to shop try your local thrift store. I found 3 super cute tops there just last week for $2.00 each!
    Here's to unemployment!

  6. I'm pretty sure your suppose to be resting not lap I mean sock dancing...I'm loving your work station, I wish I could keep mine so tidy.
    Hope to come by and pour back a cold one with ya soon .. (that's diet coke) We got plans to make ya know!!

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such lovely comments!! Your blog is darling. I LOVE the bright colors, so beautiful!!! I'll be back :)


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