Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Shrine On!

You may remember I've told you many times about Sally Jean? She's the one who taught me how to solder, that's where I learned to do the charms you've seen me with at vintage/antique shows. She has taught me so much more! I've done jewelry, charms, dolls, boxes, wall hangings, etc. too. One of the Christmas presents from my DH this past year, was a Sally Jean class! Well, I just took it on Sunday! (The day I got "lost" in the park).

This is my large shrine. It has my collaged art work on all six sides.
You can't really tell about the art work up close, it's hard to capture behind glass.
I tried to take close ups so you could get an idea of the composition, and then some farther away so you could get an idea about the size. The rosary beads were my Grandpa's. The lace Celtic Cross piece was made by nuns from my Grandma's hometown in Ireland. All of the papers inside are vintage, and all are torn and collaged on the box before the glass is attached. Inside is a dried rose for the song "My Wild Irish Rose" which is what my husband has always called me. The pearl is symbolic as a "pearl of wisdom.

This shrine pays homage to my family, from a generation or 2 ago, most of whom I've never met and also to Ireland (where I have been and have seen the family home), where they journeyed from to Montana. They ended up in Anaconda, Montana and you can kind of tell by the back piece I've used an old family photo and pieces of the newspaper from Anaconda. One of the headlines (on the top, which you can't see here) was of a tribute being given to my Great-Uncle Dan, who was the Mayor for a time. I incorporated copper colored metallic paint on the top in a series of dots (show ya that side later too) and smeared a little of the copper paint on the back collage too. This signifies that Anaconda was famous for it's copper smelting operation back in the day. (I am old enough to have seen and live near that part).
It isn't quite finished, I just want to add very cool legs. When I show you those, I'll show you pics of the sides of the shrine. See the little trinket tied on top with the ribbon? That is my Grandma's High School class ring. (St.Paul School, class of 1930).

I made the "wee" shrine above in Sally's class on Sunday as well. It can be worn as a necklace or hung on a wall. It is also collaged with meaningful bits of paper, and the phrase visible behind the tiny vintage porcelain doll is "one more thing I want to ask." (Which you understand if you know me) :) The word "faith" is dangling from a chain attached to one end of a silver "sweater holder" and it has the name "Ruth" inscribed on it. I don't know why I chose that piece from my stash of my cool "loot" but there it is. (Well of course I know why I put "faith" there and made it dangly). I'm just not sure about the "Ruth" piece. Just because I think it's pretty I suppose.

I took the picture above because I was hoping you could see the tiny row of green rhinestones running down the right hand side inside the box.
I took this pic so you could see how small it is. Duh, I could have explained the size to you! It is the size of a small box of matches (because that's what we used for a base on this one)!

If you have found a type of art you like to do, then do it whenever you can. It soothes the soul, and makes you feel so good. It's fun to do it in Sally's class (versus my kitchen table) not only is she a great teacher, but it is SO inspiring to be there with a group of women who share your love for that art form. I was struggling with where to put my Grandma's class ring on the big piece, because it was important to me to include it. See where it ended up? Yep, that was Sally's idea. Tie it on one of the curly-ques on the outside! Now that girl REALLY thinks "outside the box!" (Pun intended).

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  1. Oh my gosh Sheila! Those are all so wonderful! A class with Sally Jean is something that I would dream of and REALLY enjoy! You lucky girl you!

  2. Wow! I am impressed! I have always wanted to take a class with Sally Jean. Does she ever come down South? We need her in Texas for a class! Her instructions plus your talent created a winning piece of art! Thank you so much for sharing!


  3. Oh Sheila - these are fabulous! I love how you took such sentimental things and preserved them forever. It's always hard to know what to do with family momentos like those and this idea is so touching. Great work!

  4. Sheila, these are so beautiful. What a beautiful way to display your keepsakes. You are one VERY talented woman! I love looking at your pictures and getting little 'glimpses' (is that a word?) into your home. So pretty!
    Love ya!

  5. I am so glad you share these pictures with us. Everything you've done is beautiful!

  6. Sally Jean's book is probably my favorite of all the craft books I own. Her creations intrigue and inspire me. I haven't tried soldering yet, but I hope to someday. I'm envious that you got to take her class! Great job! ~Lori

  7. I adore adore adore your shrine! Reminds me of something that I've been working on- yet different. How fun. I'll chat with you more soon!!
    hugs, COlette


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