Tuesday, May 19, 2009

2 Cuties on Picnic

I bet you thought my computer zonked out for sure! Nope, it was fine! Well, the magic computer Dr. did have to do some tinkering to get my keys back on. (I repeat, buy a can of spray air)!

I picked our Grandson up on Friday, and it's a long drive, (even his half)! So, he asked me if I remembered to bring his Nintendo DS. UGH! "NO, I am so sorry, Honey I forgot!" He said "Mimi! Here's how you should think! You should think hmmm, Brock will want to play his DS, I better bring it!" Um Honey, I know HOW I should think about a lot of things, it just doesn't always pan out. So what was my pay back from him? I had to play "We Will Rock You" by Queen over and over, and over again. Yes, I know it was on my playlist, but I never intended to listen to it for 3 hours straight! Good grief! We had to have the volume up to 14 too (playing it through the car stereo, not the headphones), my Ipod will never be the same.

The next day we picked up Sam (Joy's youngest son) and went for a picnic at the park. What was hard about that, you might ask? Well, as I forgot to tell my husband... Sam doesn't like sandwiches... any kind of sandwich, anywhere, anytime, anyhow. So he said if not Subway, we could go to Taco Bell (not meaning KFC), but that's where we went because Sam wanted "popcorn chicken." He said it quite plainly, I heard him. We got to the park, and the Mister had gotten kids chicken strips meals. Not a good thing, it wasn't what Sam wanted. He gagged down a chicken strip (no fries, no teddy grahams... we must work on expanding his pallet) and they went to play. CUTE, aren't they? They made up their own little "battle cry" too, as you can kind of gather by the bottom photo. It had words and actions, but they some how escape me now. (Brock on the left Sam on the right). I had some other pics of a little girl chasing them and trying to kiss them (someday they won't run)! but they were blurry!

Wasn't it sweet of Brock's Papa to take his very few hours off to take us to a picnic at the park?

All I can think of NOW is "We will we will rock you... mud on your face big disgrace...." yada yada. It's burned in my brain!

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  1. So cute! And the story just MAKES it! :) Glad you had a wonderful time. The weather sure looked beautiful, too!

  2. How Sam like to let you know when "he's not happy" I have often said that to him... I guess we should be careful what we say... However! You know I have always set a good example at the table! Thanks for taking him!


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