Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dr. Appointment for Laptop Tillie

I must take Tillie into the "Doctor" today. I think she just needs 2 keys popped back on. How did they get taken off, you might ask? Well, if you get a tiny piece of paper or something else stuck under the keys, STOP, go to Office Max or your nearest computer store and buy canned air. Have some on hand in your first aid kit.

I've had good luck in the past with just popping off and popping back on some alpha keys now and again, but my luck has run out. These keys on the edges of the computer... yikes, they are nothing like the "regular" ones. Just be safe, and don't do it at all!

I'm hoping the "doctor" can just pop 'em back on, but if not I won't be posting for a few days...

A word to the wise! (Well, wiser than me, anyway)!

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  1. Well I'm assuming that your computer is back up and working! Thanks for stopping by and for your prayers. I feel blessed to have found you in "blogland"! A mixed media theatre sounds like a great idea! I'll have to give that some more thought!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Just read your post before this one. Congrats to the guys in your family!

  2. Hi Sheila! Thought you would enjoy the guest author post I did on
    about the Red Bench in Silverton. I KNOW that has got to be one your haunts!

  3. Shelia! Found you on a blog stroll and just wanted to say 'hi' and what a cute blog you have! I'll be back. Oh! I'm enjoying the climb too!


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