Thursday, May 7, 2009

Our Little Guy

Oh gosh, what a day. Today was a BIG day, it was the day of the first Kindergarten play for our Grandson. Yes, his acting debut. We were so excited to go! Ok, a few people thought we were nuts for driving 2 & 1/2 hours to hear him say only one line, and then turn around and drive another 2 & 1/2 hours home. But they don't know we are the "crazy in love grandparental type", we are hopelessly in love with him.
Here are he and his Daddy, our son Bill (below), when the play was over.

Ok, so he has been nervous about the "play" for awhile and kept saying so in spite of encouragement from all of us. So the big day finally came. (Sometimes I think I can do a lot in a little time, and I have a tendency to run behind in schedule. I'm shocked every time it happens). Seriously. The Mister has a tendency to be 2 hours early for everything, so that's how our morning began. We took a "quicker" way today because I-5 was backed up. So, if "someone" was in a huff when we left it just got worse. The silence was deafening. That was before the other highway was closed down. Yeah, 3 times. It was terrible. I mean seriously, why the heck did they think those falling trees had to be removed more than I had to see my Grandson on the stage? I swear, I was so upset I had to compose myself. I wanted to go up to the traffic stopping guy and say "Do you understand that this is his FIRST play and you are making us late??? This is an emergency!" Those of you who know me, realize that this would not be shocking for me to do. It was that big a deal to us. After all, it WAS "The 3 Little Pigs", and he WAS playing the part of the brick salesman (hence the brick paint on his face).

By the time of the 3rd closure, we realized we wouldn't make it. At one point "the grandfather" stopped at Starbucks to use the bathroom! I was SO MAD! I was holding it, I figured he could too. My son called at this point and I said "Can you believe THIS??? HE's going to the bathroom, and there's a line in there!" Of course I said nothing to "the grandfather," because this lateness thing was my fault, or we would have been 2 hours early!

Anyway, after I realized we'd missed that part our son called again. I said "Oh no, is it over?" "Yep", he said (ok, I will admit in a moment of despair I may have asked him to beg the teacher to hold the show). He calmly told me "it doesn't work that way, Mom." Well, I know that, but I was desperate and he was CALM. UGH. He said "don't worry Mom, you didn't miss much. When it was time for him to say his line, his eyes got huge and he looked like a deer in the headlights. Frozen stiff, he tried to hide behind some of the other kids. The whole class kept saying "BROCK! Say your line!" The Teacher's Assistant came to his rescue and said his line for him, and the show went on. (The show must go on)!

Luckily they were just coming off the stage and into the "Tea Room" for the celebration. He didn't realize that we missed him, we were there at cupcake & treat time, so he was happy as a clam and we just walked in and sat next to him. GEEZ! The stress of it all. You know the guilty Catholic I am. I had to admit it to him, but he didn't care and he said "that's okay Mimi, I got too nervous." Alrighty then. As you can see by the photo below, all was well by the time recess time rolled around.
We took the movie star and his Daddy to lunch to celebrate the play, and all was well. Back down the hill we came. The End.
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  1. Sounds a little bit stressful, I'm glad that you got to the school, safe and sound. Was it a quiet ride home?? lol ;-) We've had one or two of those! I love the picture of Brock and Billy, what handsome guys!! Isn't it awesome to have that kind of love for your Grandchild, nothing like it!
    Love you lots,


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