Sunday, May 10, 2009

Saints and Sinners

Well, there's no doubt where I fit between these 2 categories! Sinner for sure, but getting better as time goes on. I'll never make it even to the same "ballpark" with the word "Saint," that's for sure, but I am a very good prayer warrior. So if ya need one (a prayer) just let me know. When I am going through a crisis involving a loved one I always ask for prayer, especially from those I know believe in the power of prayer. I think praying is the best gift we could ever give.

This is the image I plan to use for my art piece from the on-line Collage Camp classes presented by KC Willis. It is an 18th Century rendering of "Our Lady of Perpetual Help." What sounds more wonderful than that? I have had such a wonderful time gathering my supplies and that whole process starts such an inspirational whirlwind for me. That sounds like an odd way to put it, but it's the best word, even if the "whirlwind" is in my mind coming up with ideas.

My teacher in the class (KC of Lipstick Ranch...) She is such a generous, giving teacher, holding nothing back, and she is such an inspiring lady! I've said a lot about her, and I have more to say, but since it's Mother's Day I thought I'd share my choice with you. Isn't She beautiful? Am I a good Catholic? Not so much. Am I a Christian? No doubt.

I am also open to what others believe. Going to Vespers makes me feel close to God, so does praying with my rosary. I think it's Holy and beautiful, but am I faithful to all of that? No, but I long to be. I was born and raised Catholic, but yes I did "stray" and went to church with the "Holy Rollers" (as my Grandmother called evangelicals, or any "protestant"). Yep, loved it while I was going too. Assembly of God, Evangelical Free, Baptist, Lutheran, you name any Christian church, and yes, I've probably gone or will go there. Do I think that's all okay? Mixing it up like that? Yes, absolutely.

Happy Mother's Day with lots of love and prayers,

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  1. Hi Sheila! I thought you were probably Catholic but wasn't sure. I have a prayer card with that same image that I keep hanging in my bedroom. I think she is beautiful. My husband was also raised Catholic. He remains a devoted Catholic to this day. Most people can't believe it when they first meet him. He's kind of a Harley biker "dude". Preconceived notions and all that you know! Anyway....I intend to take you up on your offer of prayer. My daughter has a doctors appointment Tuesday and most certainly will have to have surgery. We just hoping that it is ONLY (haha) a hernia and nothing worse. She had TWO stomach surgeries last year. A loonngg story. Hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day!

  2. love it, I'm a big believer in the magical power of prayer. I too have gone to every church and lost my way for a long while there. But, God was with me anyway and now my life is richer and sweeter than I could have ever dreamed. Love is the only thing that matters and it's the only thing worth living for. But, it's expression takes such unusual form at times. thanks for the post
    hugs, Colette

  3. and should have said- "lost my way for a while. (not "there" inferring churches- although that wouldn't be absolutely inaccurate either)


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