Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I really am not bragging, I'm just Proud!

I don't talk about my immediate family too much on the blog (except our grandson). It's mostly because they're modest, and they deserve their privacy if they want it. ANYWAY... our youngest son... not in this state... got the Optimist's Officer of the Year Award at the City in which he works. We are sooooooo proud!

In earlier news, I didn't tell you months ago that the Mister got a wonderful award too... citizen of the year.

Our oldest son is a businessman and he is the best at what he does. He is the president of the City's Merchant Association and on the Planning board. He's been interviewed in magazines and in the other media too! (My kids are young too). My baby brother was recognized for excellence at his job recently, and my other "bros" are amazing too. These wonderful men in my life! I am so blessed.

What? Me? What have I done lately???? Oh not much, no awards, no excitement just playing around the house, doing a little art, resting, healing, and finally having time to enjoy life. (The best thing of all).

Oh and the beautiful flowers here are from Mother's Day. Thank you K & A!

I am SO blessed and so thankful. (Do you forgive me for going on so)?

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  1. You deserve full bragging rights!! And you get the award for being the best friend, wife, mom, and Mimi I've ever known! I love you, my friend. I won't even get started on your talents, they are many!!

  2. That's what you are suppose to do...brag about your family! You spent many years getting them in the position to succeed and win awards! You need to take a bow too!



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