Saturday, May 30, 2009

Wouldn't You Like to, Sometimes?

Can you read the name on this boat? Probably not... I tried, but I need some practice (ok, a lot) with Photo Shop! It says "Great Escape." Wouldn't you like to, sometimes? This boat is in a field which is near the "outhouse" post a few weeks ago. It's in the same area, so pretty! I was compelled to take a pic of this as much as I was of the flowers I'll show you later. I'd love to escape sometimes! Not entirely, as I love my family and my life, just maybe to daydream a bit. Okay! I would love to be in Portugal or Ireland, but only if my Mom was better, and only if I could take loved ones! I've been to both places a few times, and loved them both. Right now though, it sounds so adventurous!

Yesterday was a very scary day for my Mom (and me for Pete's sake)! Her hand got swollen so it looked in size and color like a big boxing glove. Be glad I don't have your cell phone number, because I felt the need to snap a pic with my cell phone and sent it to my brothers and sons. You know... pictures! "The next best thing to being there" as they say. I just couldn't believe it, so I wanted to show them. She ended up in surgery last night to relieve the pressure in her hand. LONG story. She is still in ICU but very cute and funny, and getting better.

She hates the beds at the new hospital building. They are amazing and do everything, they have a clutch a break, a motor, they can weigh you right in bed. Amazing. My Mom hates them. You see, she is only 4 ft. 7 these days, so when they try to get her out of bed, her feet don't touch the floor, which makes it hard and scary and slippery. Because of her height and the beds... I started calling her "Big Mama" she sure doesn't like that! She calls me "The Boss" and so it goes...

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  1. Hi sweet Sheila...what an experience!!!! I do hope that your mom is feeling much better now...I love your attitude about these things, caring for our parents is such a need at our age isn't it?? Your porch is so beautiful...the views...the hydrangeas...everything ~ xxoo, Dawn

  2. Big Hug!....sounds like you could use one. I'm praying for you.

  3. Hang in there girl! I've been where you are and I know it's tough! Sometimes you just have to sit down and have a good cry. Or blog about it and let it all out. What ever it takes! I'm praying for you.


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