Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Local Beauties

I love to show you the beauty in this area. The other day I drove around the corner (practically) to take some pics of Cooley's Iris Nursery. The top one is the only one I kept, nothing showed up. (Yes, I know I need photography lessons)! The rest of the pics are from Cooley's themselves. Can you believe how beautiful this place is? You'd never know it from the first pic what beauty awaits behind the hedges!

They put out a cool $5 calendar every year with pics, lots of info and even coupons.

How quaint is the pic below? Makes you want to have a picnic there!

Even their pictures don't do it justice. There are SO many rows and so many colors!

Wouldn't this be a pretty place to get married?

Now the pics below are mine. I risked life and limb to take these! There is no place to park and it's a major road! My flashers work well, so that's good to know! This is down the road from Cooley's. It's a farm crop... I bet you can figure out from the last pic what it's going to be!

Or maybe not! I'm going to take pics when the crop is in full bloom. They had a crop like this a few years ago up in the hills above Silverton. It was so gorgeous! It looked like all of the hills were ablaze in bright red!
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  1. Oh how cool! I can't wait until the new ones bloom!
    Hugs, Lisa

  2. Hi there! Im so glad to be back in Blogland , I have missed so much! Thanks for coming by to send me wishes- I'll be back soon !
    (formerly Hearts of Hartmann)

  3. How beautiful....I've never seen that many iris' growing together. It's breathtaking.:-)


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