Thursday, June 11, 2009

More KC Creativity, and HUGE Giveaways!

So you know how I go on (and on) about KC Willis of Lipstick Ranch? I'm in her Collage Camp class and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Besides showing me how to make beautiful art, she's taught me a new way to look at things... as she describes it... she wants to teach us a new language... her language. If she teaches us step by step (as she does so well)... exactly how she does it, then eventually we'll be ready to branch off on our own. I've watched the videos for Collage Camp over and over. LOVE THEM. What? What does my wall hanging look like? Well, it's getting there, although I am doing it backwards. Yep, I know... that's so like me. Impatient.

I need to clean out the garage to find my sewing machine (which I bought reconditioned about 20 years ago) and have never used... long story!

ANYWAY, "Collage Camping" isn't the only thing in Miss KC's repertoire. She has made an exciting announcement about NEW classes of different sorts. I want to take them all, but I had to choose just one, so it had to be one I knew I couldn't live without! This new series of classes is called "Mixed Media Mania" (as you've no doubt seen on the new badge on top of my "blog things."

The new classes are "Altered Books Workshop", "Works on Paper Workshop" and the one I would die without... the "Altars and Shrines" workshop. Could you die??? I sure could. I can't wait. You know how you pick up a little something antiquing or flea marketing and you don't know why you like it, you just do? If you're like me (heaven help ya), you do! Such is the case with 2 pieces I've hung onto for a few years (ok a million other things too)... but there is a reason I've hung on to these pieces... I just didn't know it until now! They will be perfect for the Altars and Shrines Workshop! I would show you now, but my camera batteries are now dead. Tomorrow though. I am so inspired!! She is the most generous and talented teacher and woman! You know if you've seen her blog or her interview on HGTV.

SO, the Giveaway! The most generous one I've ever hoped to win! You don't have to purchase/join a workshop to win (but seriously you'd be missing out on something wonderful)! Oh yes, AND, if you buy all of the 3 new workshops together, you will save about $20! ANYWAY... without further ado here is the link to the giveaway! KC says it has a $300 value, but I think it is worth much more than that!!

That's not all though... she is having another Giveaway the same day for this gorgeous piece of art! The first of these flags she created is hanging in the Cowgirl Museum in Ft. Worth, TX! AND... it retails for $525! I'm not kidding! It is just gorgeous!

Why am I telling you, won't that reduce my chances of winning? Yep, but I have some pretty good ju ju lately, so I'm VERY hopeful! (Not really, but I'm still hopeful). So RUN, don't walk to the giveaway! You will die when you see it. Oh and how about the Altars and Shrines KC has done? TDF, I tell you!

Sooooo, I was wondering... since KC calls those of us participating in Collage Camp "Campers," will she call those of us in Mixed Media Mania, "Maniacs"? She's way ahead of me, she mentioned it before I asked her!


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  1. What a lovely post for KC. Are you going to do the Challenge?? Yes, we still need to have our play date!! My mom had a bit of a set-back this week.


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