Saturday, June 6, 2009

Okay, call me crazy!

Oh my gosh you guys, I am still shaking! I was in the shower about 2 and 1/2 hours ago, and my husband came in telling me he had to leave because there was a little 5-year-old boy who had been missing for over 2 hours and out the door he went.

I hurried, got dressed and called him to get the particulars... (because you know by now I'm almost out the door myself, right)? He told me the little guy's name was Alex and he was wearing a blue striped shirt. Oh my GOSH. I tossed my sandals off, because they won't work with me running through the parks... on go socks and my "fast walking" shoes (ok, if you know me, you're trying to stay serious and not laugh at the vision of me "running through the parks" at all, especially with no makeup, and with my wet hair sticking out all over). My purse? I tossed it (who needs a damn purse at a time like this?), I asked myself. What I did need was my rosary. WHY? I could just pray and that would be enough. Nope, I still had to bring it. I ran out to the garage and before I got in the car I saw an SUV with 2 guys in it... windows down, they were yelling "Alex! Alex!" Next came the firetruck.. windows down calling Alex on the loudspeaker.

I got in my car, rolled down all the windows and started on my own. (I'm sure my son in Denver will read this later and throw his head back, roll his eyes and say "Oh My God, she's lost it now!") He's a police officer in a big city in Colorado and they don't do things that way in the big city... (Well, Mr. Smarty pants, I don't care if I WAS a city girl, and a police officer myself "WAY back in the day" as you always remind me). That's how we roll these days out here in our small towns! So, there! (Now he's hitting his forehead with the palm of his hand because I said "that's how we roll"... he's dying of embarrassment, I'm sure).

I digress... back to the search. I went straight to the baseball backstops calling his name as I went... Alex! I sound friendlier than a guy with a gruff voice on the fire truck loudspeaker. I'm more the kind, gentle, chubby grandmotherly type. You know... approachable! I got out of the car and was checking the fields, and when I returned to the car, my cell phone had been ringing. Yep, it was the Mister telling me that Alex was found! Praise God! And thank you to "Our Lady of Perpetual Help" for listening to my imploring prayers.

So where was little Alex? He had been playing next door and he and the little guy there got in trouble, and the Mom sent Alex home, unbeknownst to the Grandma at home. He knew he'd get in trouble when his Grandma found out he'd been sent home, so he hid under the bed! So an hour later, Grandma goes next door to pick little Alex up, and the Mom says she sent him home over an hour ago. Panic! (She did franticly search the house, and did look at the bed, but hadn't actually pulled back all of the covers). WHEW! Thank Heavens! As I was driving away from the backstops I passed several "regular" people with their windows rolled down, and I told them the news. Everyone was so relieved, and they left to find their loved ones to tell them they could stop looking.

I'm glad we moved to this little town 8 years ago. We've been truly blessed all along the way. What's that? Oh... you want to know if I called to check on my little grandson who is faraway having fun on vacation? Yes I sure did! His Daddy (our eldest son) knows how I am as a Grandma (he's seen me in action), so he just chuckled at my story and handed the phone to Brock. (Who graduated Kindergarten yesterday)! Hurray! I'd never been happier to hear his voice and just breathe a sigh of relief. He said "Hey Mimi, guess what? We went fishing today! I didn't catch a fish, but I really wanted to catch a fish. I really want to catch a fish while I'm here, and I hope I catch a fish tomorrow, did you ever catch a fish?" And on and on he went. I enjoyed every syllable. God's in His Heaven and all is right with the world. So, I'm a little crazy... that's just fine by me.

p.s. The pic? I thought it was funny when I looked at this "collage" of items on the table as I tried to calm myself. The lace I was about ready to dye in cold coffee... the little book to write in if I got more info on Alex, the toy was on the counter when I grabbed my keys so I brought it in case I found him.

My husband is laughing at me, because he says he said he can picture me in wet hair driving the streets, yelling with my rosary in my hand on the steering wheel and that little character and the cell in the seat next to me.

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  1. WOW! What a day you had!! I'm glad he was found and how wonderful the whole town joined in! You have to find them quick!! Isn't it funny how no one is mad he was hiding under the bed all that time, almost makes you laugh! Children are gifts and it is so nice we seem to remember that!
    Hope you can relax now. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I've glanced over yours and I'm going back now to read on!
    Hugs, Lisa

  2. Wow, thankfully a happy ending to a scary story.

    This happened in my old small town of 400 people. A little girl got lost in the cornfields in August (no joke) She wandered out into the fields and was lost all day and all night. She was found- but it was a very scary day for all of us.

  3. Hey Sheila,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Thank goodness that little boy was found! :)

  4. No, you're not crazy! Just a Grandma! I love how the whole town helped in the search, it warms my heart. Happy to hear that it turned out well. By the way, I LOVE the pictures of your home.....soo cute!


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