Friday, June 5, 2009

Our Cottage (part two)

A few people asked me if we live in our little cottage full time, and others asked how small it is. To clarify... we do live here all the time, and from the front the size is a little deceiving. It seems like a small cottage to me... and that's how I usually describe it but...

When I've talked to people in town about which house is ours... They said "oh, you mean the big green new house at the top of the lane?" I'd say "no, the little green cottage with the red front door." When I really looked at it from far away, I see what they meant. It does look like a big house from the back. When we built this home, we worked with an architect to build a home with an apartment in it for my Mom. In the photo above, it shows the lower back part of our house, most of which is my Mom's apartment. That is her patio/driveway on the bottom and our deck on top.
On the far right side by the trash can are double doors that open into my workshop. (You know the one I've been droning on and on about finishing for 2 years, and I'm still not finished...). To the left of that are the 2 windows of my Mom's bedroom. Directly above the trash can and double doors is the bay window in our upstairs dining room. The bump out beyond the bay is the fireplace with a window above it.

This cute little area is near the entrance to Mom's front door. That is her living room window above, so she has the pretty garden with flowers and benches, and a birdbath to see from her kitchen or living room. To the left of that window around the corner is her fireplace (you can't really see it here)...

Above is another view of her garden.

The window on the left is the same one to her livingroom, and the green door is her "front" door which is really in the back of the house.
The stairs above go between our deck upstairs, and my Mom's patio/driveway.
It is handy when she has visitors, (or when we pick her up to take her somewhere) that a car can just pull in and be right at her front door.

So actually it is a two-family home. It has about 24oo sq. feet. My Mom has a livingroom, kitchen/dining area, a master suite with full bath inside, another bath off of the kitchen and her laundry room. All together, it has 2 livingrooms, 2 kitchens, 4 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, 2 laundry rooms, a double car garage in front, a deck upstairs, and a patio/driveway downstairs.

So there you have it. It's been a wonderful set up for us! Oh, important... it does have an indoor staircase too, with a hallway that attaches from our livingroom upstairs to an inside door to her livingroom downstairs. I'll take pics of that part when she comes home!!

She is doing wonderfully by the way! Getting stronger everyday! Hurray! Hmm? What's that you ask?? "Why does she have 2 bathrooms in a little apartment?" Easy answer... because she wanted them. It made no sense to us at the time, but that's what she wanted... that's what she got. Now that we've lived here awhile, it turns out to be a nice feature, and company doesn't have to trudge through her bedroom to use the restroom.

Now do you have us figured out? No, I thought not, but you DO understand the house now! :)

Thank you for the love and prayers and well wishes! They're working!


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  1. Thank you so much for the tour! Your home is beautiful and your Mom is a very fortunate lady! So happy to know that she is doing better.

  2. Sheila your "cottage" is absolutely beautiful!!! I just love it and it does look like it has tons of room too!! xxoo, Dawn


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