Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Very Sweet Lady with a Darling Blog!

My gosh! I have met such wonderful friends through my blog. It really is an amazing thing, this blogging "universe" don't you think? I have met such talented, sweet, giving, interesting, funny people through my blog. You know sometimes we hear about how women don't always support other women. I had seen it in the past, and it broke my heart, but I'm here to tell you, that sisterly love is back, AND in plenty of time for our young sisters to experience the love and sharing! There is so much love and support poured forth between bloggers, and I have seen fund raisers for people going through terrible things, shared words of wisdom, and talent and giving of gifts (of the heart and of the physical type too). I'm proud to be among you, my wonderful friends!

Recently, I entered a giveaway on this blog, and even though I DIDN'T win... she sent me some beautiful things, just to be nice! Last week I received the darling memo pad and pencil in the photo below and today, I received the darling notebook above! Sharon is just the sweetest most talented lady! You have to see her jewelry, and then you'll know.

Her favorite thing to do (maybe even more than creating art and jewelry) is gift giving! Look at the darling nest she made out of gold wire, aqua pearls and charms on the notebook above! Isn't it so sweet? So are you, Sharon thank you so much for brightening my day... not only once last week, but today too!
Check out Sharon's talent, and meet the sweet lady behind the beautiful works of art!

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  1. That is just darling Sheila! Nice things come to nice girls like you! Hope your Mother is doing better.

  2. Love it, love it! Would it be wrong if you enetered my name on the drawings when you are there?? I am always just a few days late getting anywhere...
    Miss you

  3. How sweet! I love the book and that nest is just too much!
    Lucky you!
    Hugs, Lisa

  4. Thank you so much for your lovely comments! I just now got in the door at 12:30AM and wanted you to know that I appreciate your kindness toward me...tks...when I get up tomorrow I will write you later. Bless you for your kindness toward me...sharon


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