Monday, June 22, 2009

Another Beautiful Crop of Flowers

I've waited awhile to share these pics with you, because I wanted to identify the flower before I showed it to you. I asked the wife of my regional crop expert, Carl. This is his field across from the yellow flowers. Because they are across from each other, I was sure he knew.

Do you recognize Carl's field above? It was the scene of the infamous "out house" post in April.

I asked Carl's wife Emma (a young darling with 2 precious kids whom is a former co-worker too). Nope, she didn't know because that isn't their field. Geez! Didn't you always think that the farm on the property where the farmouse is located was actually the farm growing said crops?

Nope, the big farms around here rent parcels of land to grow things on. I must admit I was a little sad to hear this, because of the charming "pictures in my mind" of the people living on the land and growing the beautiful adjacent crops. Ok, I'm adjusting! BUT, I have a cool idea! I've always thought it would be so cool if each crop everywhere were labeled by signage stating what crop that is you see growing there! I know, I know. They don't have time for my silliness... I'm just sayin'!
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