Thursday, August 20, 2009

This Saturday- One of the BEST shows of the Season!

This Saturday (August 24th from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m.) is the Annual summer show at Molly Mo's! (a/k/a Diane Kaser)... Diane's home and property are beautiful. Every August around this time, Diane does a show that attracts awesome vendors (and many loyal customers) from near and far!!

She has a barn/shop that is to die for gorgeous, and she is very talented. Many of my friends are yearly vendors there, and while I love to do the show my health makes it difficult to do a show right now this year.

So, my one of my best friends (and one of the best dealers EVER) Joy (of Auntie's fame) will have my charms in her booth for me. (Now that is a true friend, right)? I'm going to stop by in the morning, so maybe I'll see you there. If you go every year, this is a reminder, and if you've never been... you won't believe what you are missing, so you'll want to go to Sublimity to Diane's of Molly Mo!That's sweet Joy above!

You'll not only get to see your favorite things offered by your favorite sellers, but one of the most beautiful properties around. I hope you go and have a wonderful time, and please let me know what fun you had!

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  1. just wanted to say what a wonderful blog you have. Your pictures are stunning and I've really enjoyed having a nose around. Thank you and best wishes !

  2. Can I move into her house?? Beautiful! Have fun and please post pictures of your adventures and purchases!

    Love ya,

  3. Hi girl! I was beginning to wonder what had happened to you, it had been about a week since you blogged. Hope your Mom is doing well. have more amazing shows in your area than any place that I have seen! Lucky lucky you! Hope you find something beautiful and a bargain to take home!

  4. Hi there, hopefully I will see you there!!
    I see you have a pic of The Stayton House on here, I dont ever thing that place will get all the way painted, weve watched it being restored for a few years now- its slow going!
    Hope you get feeling better, thats no fun:(
    Take Care,


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