Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Molly Mo Summer Show: Awesome!

The show at Molly Mo's (Diane's) today was great! It wasn't hot out and there were new vendors as well. I went really early and was only able to stay a short while.

I brought my charms to Joy and she sold them for me. I love doing this show, but I just wasn't up for it this year. Joy is the most awesome friend and I adore her! This is Joy below. Please don't tell her that I chopped the top of her head off!

This is Toni, one of Joy's sisters and she was there helping her today.

More of Joy's booth... cute cow girl duds;

You name it, she had it! I always love that no matter how often I see her, even if it's at home, she always has cool new stuff!

She made this darling umbrella too. Can you tell it is made from a vintage chenille bedspread? She also does hand painted ones, and beautiful ones with vintage lace and table cloths.

Cool packets of every sort of frippery...

See these 2 chicken coops below? They look white, but they are aqua. They would look so nice at the foot of my iron bed! I am coveting them. I'm kind of hoping someone bought them, because if not, somehow I must make them mine!

Pretty day too!

I love her sky high stacked rolling bin thing-y below. Those are drawers and they slide in and out! Wouldn't that be great in a workshop/studio?

Here is cutie patootie, Brandi. She is trying on one of Joy's necklaces. I hope she ended up getting it, it was perfect for her, don'tcha think?

I had never met the lady in the booth below (which was just a bit embarrassing when I asked her what the price was on the rug she was sitting on). I loved it, pink and green... 5 bucks, sold! You can tell by her booth that we love the same colors. I don't know her name, but I will find out from Diane. She said she didn't do many shows, but I hope she keeps it up, because she has a really good eye.

This side table she made is gorgeous! A picture frame mounted on a table base.
Columns, bird houses, all types of pretty!

Not to mention her hand made floor lamps! Beautiful!This is the tea house at Diane's (the former playhouse of her daughters). I take photos of it at least once a year, I love it!

Here is cute Lisa... shopper extraordinaire! I see her at every show I attend. I was just getting ready to take a photo of the flowers when she bought them.

I ran into friends I hadn't seen in a long time. That is so much fun. I didn't stay long, and I wasn't going to buy anything... famous last words.

Tomorrow I'll show you pics of the big piece I carted home. (It's really cool though)! Worth any explanation I had to come up with to the DH. (Um no, he doesn't fall for many of those anymore). Sometimes a girl must do what a girl must do!

More cute booths!

More pictures tomorrow!

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  1. Dear Sheila,
    You are so sweet! One time someone said to me, Would you quick like to loose 20 ugly pounds? And I of course said YES! and they said, cut of your head! Some how I thought that was funny, and remembered it, when I read what you said, and I am still kinda chuckling to myself... Must be over tired?? But it was kinda funny in a sick kinda way.. oh well I guess you had to be there. I have $$ for you and some cute aqua chicken cages.. did you want those with or with out the chickens?? hahaha
    Love you!

  2. I loved loved loved the sale! Of course I got the necklace and got tons of compliments (Thank you Joy!) I want more info on the soldering class!

  3. What a wonderful show! So sorry to hear that you are not up to par! Going early is definitely the way to go regardless! You get to see all of the best stuff for sure. Can't wait to see you BIG purchase. I know what you mean, I think I've used up all of the excuses with my Hubby too.

  4. Oh no sacles! I had two one old one new and choose to keep my new one when I had to down size. It was green and perfect! I do miss it!! Still have no place for it but I miss it! My suite cases too so should have kept those!! Lovely pics! I know you had fun!
    Hugs, Lisa


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