Monday, September 7, 2009

And a Little Inspiration from a 6 year old!

Well here he is again... the object of our affection (our grandson)! I know, I know I'm a grandma (Mimi, that is) so I think mine is the greatest... yada yada. But I must tell you that he is quite remarkable and besides being the funniest child I've ever met, he is also an inspiration and has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I've ever known.

He just got his training wheels off of his bike a little over a month ago, and you remember how scary that can be! He practiced and practiced on the flag road next to our house, and then we decided to take him to "the big time!" That's right, a BMX course! I knew he was nervous, but he was brave and wanted to try it!

Here he is with Papa checking out the course before the first ride.

There was an older kid there who was wonderful, and showed him how it was done! He gave him the lingo too! You know, like "stand on the pedals and take the impact in your knees." To which Brock asked "what does impack mean?" (I explained to our new friend Riley that although Brock is tall and looks older, he is only 6, so he toned it down a bit into 6 year old style). Below is the first time Brock "took air" (went airborne)... help me Heaven above, Mother Mc Cree and all the Saints)! Yep, he fell but as you can see below he didn't cry.

He just looked at the older boy and said "hey, that was cool!" Then he decided to take the ULTIMATE ride. From the very top of the highest hill. See him below? That look of uncertainty but also "bring it on!" (I do believe that may be what he actually said)!

Whew! Smooth as silk and not even one other fall the whole time. Here he is below looking tough and dusty and having taken his pads off for awhile.

And here is the REAL story! Victory! "I did it, I did it! That was sooooooooo cool!" said he. We were all hooting and hollering and jumping up and down.

We always try to set a good example for our little guy, but so many times it is HE who sets a great example for us to follow. So many times I've said to him, "look at you! Look how brave you are, you weren't even nervous! And he always answers; "whoa, I was really nervous, but I still did it." Now there, my dears is a real example! Rock on little guy! We love you!

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  1. What fun he was having. That was the same park we rode our bikes to. I was so tired when I got there, I had to lay on the table and rest while Dave took pictures... I think next time we will take the truck!

  2. Yes, he is a cutie...Looks like the little guy was having a lot of fun. He must of slept well that night. Have a nice week. Sandi

  3. He is an inspiration! I need to think of Brock the next time I feel nervous about doing something. He is the funniest little guy, you could write a book with all of his funny comments. He's a LOT like his Daddy and his Mimi! Love the pictures, you will always look back and smile.

    Love ya,

  4. YEAH! What a big guy. How great he is so into just going for it!
    Hugs, Lisa

  5. Congrats to big Brock! You're right, that's great advice for all of us, just do it! My step-son was big big into BMX when he was a kid. The races are a lot of fun to go to. I never knew I could jump up and down and yell for victory so loud and with so much enthusiasm until then.

  6. That sounds like a fun afternoon! I'm so excited you are following my blog!
    Kristin :)

  7. What a great day for him (and you). It is so wonderful to witness little ones just 'going for it' with no fear and such determination. When did fear creep into our lives? I think it was in my late 20's. Lisa


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