Friday, September 11, 2009

You -Know- What Time it Nearly is, Right??

Oktoberfest! It's time again for the best folk festival I've ever seen or heard of! This year it is September 17-20 (this coming Thursday through Sunday). If you've never been to Mt. Angel, you really should see it! If you have seen it, but haven't been to Oktoberfest, you must!
Everyone in town gets into it! Things have already started. Everyday the set up gets a little farther along. The tents are all up, the speakers are already playing Bavarian music! It is so festive this time of year!

I'm sure you're assuming that the picture above is of me and the DH! (No, not so much). He doesn't wear lederhosen, and I certainly don't own a drindl. I keep saying "if I lose weight next year, I'll get one)! Right, that hasn't happened yet! No danger, drindl seamstresses, I won't be calling you this year!

Isn't this couple the cutest ever? They are quite the dancers... amazing!

And the pic above is of "Zmusikmakers" the only family local German band. They are fabulous singers and terrific musicians overall! (And a wonderful family, besides)! Aren't they cute? Be sure to catch them in the Weingarten (and many other music and acts at various venues throughout the town)!

Craft booths! Good Heavens, there are so many! They really have quality things to sell, and there are more vendors every year.

Look at these baby dolls above! All ages get into the swing of things!

Above is the Glockenspiel. See the figures in the tower? It "sings" and revolves 4 times a day. The figures are all hand carved by local artisans. Each time a figure moves to the forefront, a different song plays. The one with the little boy and girl on the swing was recorded by the children at the school in town. There is the Native American Statue, of course one of the Benedictine Sisters and one of the Brothers from the Abbey (both from long ago). There is the jolly tuba player too. You'll get goosebumps watching and listening to it, I promise!

OH, and the building! The Glockenspiel restaurant... wonderful food and a gorgeous new restaurant, Senior housing above (what a wonderful idea, huh?), a bank and some cute shops on the ground level as well.

The monument in the center is made entirely of flowers, seeds, beans, plants, and other organic (and mostly edible organic) materials. The same artist makes a new one with a different theme every year. They are always amazing.

The beautiful flower baskets are all over town, and are in full bloom!

The food booths! Oh my goodness! Go hungry! There is food of every type at these booths (a lot of German, sure but really all types of food)!

And there are tour buses at St. Mary's to take people on tours of the town and the Abbey.

We always (I mean always) have a houseful of people staying here. Every room is usually filled, there are air mattresses and sleeping bags on the floor... Oh my goodness! Last year I tried to tip toe into the kitchen to make coffee and of course I had to be careful not to step on people. One couple was sleeping on an air bed in the dining room. They woke up and whispered Hello. Who were they?? I'd never met them! Not kidding.

However... this year, we only have -one- guest... my youngest brother from Portland! It's quite unusual actually! Hey Betty, if you're reading this, get a cheap last minute flight, grab Cole and fly up here!

The Oktoberfest goes until Sunday night, and by Monday morning at 7 a.m., you'll never know anything happened in town! Clean as a whistle, and not a speck out of place! Oh, and last year over the 4 days there were over 350,000 people!

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  1. Looks like a fun time. The town is so beautiful and thank you for sharing to photos. sandi

  2. Looks like tons of fun!!!!! I love the area you live in. I have visited there a few times. Had a friend in Klamoth Falls & she also had a house on the beach in Brookings. Then another friend in Medford. It is so lovely.

    You were so sweet to sent that goody box to my friend Lisa. She posted about it & was thrilled! It is true that you meet some wonderful folks in BLOGLAND! Have a great week.

  3. That looks like fun! I've never been to an Oktoberfest.

  4. Well, it sure looks like a blast!
    Hope you have a great time


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