Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Scene of "the Accident" (or Bad Mojo)

Baby Owen the "other man" in my life! (You know, besides my grandson, my DH, my sons and brothers)...

You remember this little angel boy, right? The little cutie I babysit 2 mornings a week. I just love it when he comes over. What could be more special and life affirming than being able to hold and feed and play with a baby! He has a darling personality too, and is almost 4 months old. In fact, this is one of his 4 month pics! His Mommy Beth is a very talented photographer (not to mention that they are such wonderful neighbors).

Remember me telling you about him here? So precious! Doesn't he look so sweet and innocent here?And Heaven knows he comes from a wonderful family! His parents are amazing, such a great couple.
So how could this little guy be responsible for the accident scene below??
His Mama had time to stay and visit this afternoon after work. She and I were talking about baby "blow-outs." You know, when they have a huge (huge) ugly mess that explodes all over everything in sight? If you're a Mom, you've had a moment like this and you know exactly what I mean. So, Beth was telling of one a few weeks ago, and I was telling her about the 2 most embarrassing ones on the planet... one with my son and one with my grandson. (Don't ask).

I think we jinxed ourselves. Seriously. And then I went one step further... I had been feeding him a bottle and then gave him back to his Mommy. All of a sudden we heard a little tiny noise coming from the nether region, and I said "Ha Ha, Ha! You have him now, so you have to change him, ha ha!" (You know in the sing songy smarty pants voice you used when you were a kid). Don't EVER say Ha Ha Ha to someone, you're asking for BIG trouble. Believe me. My custom made pear green sofa is evidence of that. (Thank Heavens for micro-fiber)!

All is well. Thanks be to God! (He's coming back in the morning, and I'm going to be on my best behavior)!

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  1. Yes, never say never and don't ever laugh at people with missing teeth either...

  2. I love the Oregon State t-shirt. Go Beavs!

  3. Oh how funny! Glad to know that your beautiful sofa survived! He is a cutie indeed. Is there anything more precious than a smiling cooing baby?

  4. Oh Sheila,
    If you could see my house at the end of the day. My own Owen has been know to do damage. You may never know how you've blessed that little boy by coming into his life like you have. Lisa


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