Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fine, but I'm Not Gonna Like It!

You remember my little buddy Owen, next door right?  He is soooooooo precious and has been such a happy part of my life for the past few months!  He has been coming over every Weds. and Thurs. mornings while his Mama works.  Well, his Mama, Beth fed him carrots yesterday and apparently he didn't like it one bit.  I bet if I would have done it, he would have LOVED carrots.  (Kidding, I'm still quite delusional over the realization that I cannot do the things I love for awhile with this darned arm injury).  It's been quite traumatic (and not just for the ladies who had to put up with me during the awesome art camp retreat last week).  Nobody likes a whiner, so I tried really hard not to. (Except to Joy.... sorry, Joy.  Oh, and thanks for driving my car home for us)!
Minimal whining.  That is until the day after I got home and went to the Dr.  A sling?  Torn AC ligament? May heal on it's own, but may need surgery??  See an orthopedic surgeon?  No driving or using my RIGHT arm?  You know I can't sit still while the DH watches tv, and you know how much my art means to me.  I love the Fall weather and to jump in the car by myself and take a drive!  Nyet!  Nope.

The worst parts are: I can't care for my precious little buddy, Owen and I can't do art work, especially not whole arm movements (like soldering and painting).  I hate it when I can't follow through on a commitment, (much less one to do a show), ugh.  I just plain don't like to let people down.  (You know).  And then there is the emailing and blogging!  Not supposed to be doing that either.  But I had to do a quick post (um, since the DH has already gone to bed).  The sling is laying on the kitchen counter, because I am determined to h-e-a-l before I even go see that Dr!


I'm the kind of person who always thinks there is a reason for everything that happens, but then I start wondering WHY and that's when the train leaves the tracks.  I know in the grand scheme of things, "Why" is an question NOT to be asked.  (Especially for something as minor as this).

I'm just waiting to see where this takes me.  I'll try and be patient with myself (and with God) and see what this situation has in it that I need to see or learn or do.

Meanwhile, if I can figure out a type of art I can do with my fingers and wrist only, not using my arm, you'll be the first to know!


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  1. First off, I MISS YOU MS. SHEILA!!! That was the best time last weekend that I've ever had outside of my family! Of course, I have new family...
    I hate it that you're still hurting and found out some bad news, but I truely believe that news could turn to light! Know that you're in my prayers and God does have a reason! You're totally right about that! Keep your head up beautiful!
    Can't wait to see you again!

    Until next time,

    Jenifer Couch

  2. You are not a whiner!! You should have heard me when I hurt my rib! Now there was some serious whining going on!
    I'm with you on, it all happens for a reason, we don't have to like the reason though, and there is the fact that we may not even figure out the reason for who know how long... oh yea, God knows.
    Love you,

  3. p.s.
    I think Owen would prefer carrot cake!


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