Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Great Time Was Had By All! Wonderful Art, Wonderful Ladies and Pampering Galore!

We had soooooo much fun at the Terri Brush "Art Camp at the Beach" in Manzanita, Oregon.  It was the first of
I'm hoping many more!  It was quite unlike any art retreat or art classes I've ever been to.  Take 20 women, 
great teacher, a wonderful cook, and add beautiful kits and supplies, embellishments, great classes, add in somesharing, laughter, chatting, soul sharing, silliness, not much sleep, and a beautiful setting in a large beach house right on the ocean!  What do you come up with?  Well, you end up with; beautiful art, new friends, little gifties, gourmet food, new found friends and time to spent with one of your dear friends too!  You also end up having one of the best long weekends of your life! 

It was perfect!  (Well, nearly perfect)...

5 minutes after we arrived I lifted my suitcase (heavy) to swing it on to the bed, and we think I tore my rotator cuff (or something in your shoulder that shouldn't sound or feel like that).  Right arm of course. I heard it tear. Ugh.  Joy and I went together, and I had been looking SO forward to it for such a long time, that there was no way I was leaving before it was over! 

I didn't call and the DH (I know, shame on me) because I knew he'd swoop up there and drag me to the E.R.  I went Monday to the Dr. and they did xrays and put me in a sling and did xrays.  I have to see an orthopedic surgeon in the next few weeks.  Bummer,  You know how you want to come home from a retreat and not only show what you made, but also make more with the techniques you've learned and finish up little bits and pieces not quite finished from the retreat!  I'm dying to get everything out again!  (You know I will, the second they "let" me.  No sneaking out of the sling in advance.  (No, I am not just saying that for the Hub's benefit... ok, maybe I am)!  :)

Whatever!  Minor detail!  Did I still solder and create and have a wonderful time?  Yes I did!  Terri is a great teacher and an amazing Hostess.  If you get a chance to take one of Terri's classes (like the one coming up November 14th here at my home in Mt. Angel) or at Terri's home or at one of her out of state retreats, sign up!

You'll be so happy you did it!  More details of our fun retreat to come!

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  1. So sorry to hear about the shoulder...would explain why it wasn't feel great! So glad I got the chance to meet you and Joy. You girls are soooo much fun ;) If you're still interested in selling those curlers to me, that would be great. I'll email you the info if you like.

    Thanks again my new Friend..

  2. Oh my goodness! I can't believe it! I hope you still had a blast. If we have to change our girl's day let me know! Hugs!

  3. Oh Sheila!!! I'm so sorry girl!!!! I can't wait to see pics though of everything ~ but please rest up and heal quickly...hugs and love, Dawn

  4. Wow, Sheila I am so jealous. Not of the injury you poor thing, just the good time you had. What a dream to stay in such a beautiful place and not worry about anything but creating. Would love to do a workshop like that myself. Thanks for sharing. Lisa

  5. Sheila, I'm so sorry to hear about your shoulder! I hope you are taking good care of yourself and heal quickly! I'm so glad you were able to stay on and have a great time. Can't wait to talk to you and hear all about it.
    Love you!

  6. Oh, Sheila -
    I'm cringing and wincing because I know that pain too well. Take care of yourself and do what the doctors tell you so you can be back in the swing of things again soon.

  7. I was about to e-mail you to see how you were doing, and then I read this... Poor thing. I wish we had visited more, but it was sooo good to see you again, and to meet Joy too! THanks so much to both of you for being my airport shuttle. We probably got in the most talking in the car! Keep me posted on your shoulder dear, hope it's better soon. xoxo Natalie

  8. Hi Sheila, just checking in to see how you are doing. Healing up ok?? Take care

  9. Hi Sheila.. I miss you! I hope your feeling better, you were such a trooper at Art camp.. I better see you back at camp in April ... sure was wonderful times last weekend.. :)


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