Sunday, November 8, 2009

Basking in the Afterglow of the Holiday Show at Tarte!

It was so amazing! It was elegant and classy and just the shabbily worn things we all covet LOVE! The atmosphere was amazing, there was room to move around, and everyone I saw was just taking it all in walking while looking and singing along with the great music Cindy (the most royal of all Queens) always has playing! It was perfect and new, and old, just well... perfect. See the cool entrance to the barn with the lovely curtains and all the pretty lights inside?? Ahhh, that's what I'm talkin' about!! Love it!

Ahem... I interrupt this beautiful story by giving you a disclaimer of sorts.  Remember how excited I was about my husband coming along with me to the shows yesterday?  I still am!  Especially the part that it was his idea, and that Cindy's show (together with the Barn House Boys and Annie, Fannie and Abigail, and pretty things from Karen at A'musements) was awesome, even to my husband!  Hurray!  Great way to start the season.  I was just floating along all day.  It was perfect!!  He even offered to be the photographer and carry my treasures as I shopped!!  (Are you jealous yet?  I know you are)!  Ok, here it is.  Errrrrrt, back up!  Slam on the brakes right now!  Yes, I said he was the photographer too.  Of course I thought the pictures I'd be sharing with you today would look just like my pictures do.  (I'm not that great, but I try to capture the "essence" of the show... you know... evoke a feeling in my readers. ). Um, yeah.  Not so much.  He tried, bless his heart, that's a great picture above of the entrance, right?  (Ok, I'll carry on).

Here we have... um, I'm not quite sure.  (Nervous giggle).

Here is a picture I asked him to take of the Blessed Mother, et al.  Pretty good!  After that, I just cut him loose and let him trail behind me... taking artful pics, carrying my treasures and soaking up the wonderful ambiance.  Heaven it was, I tell you!

Below?  Well, not the best angle, and the tops were cut off the trees, but you can kind of get the idea.  (If you read their blog, you know the sisters spent hundreds of hours glittering hundreds of trees!  Bless their hearts)

And here are well... I'd d say about five of the several hundred.   You'll have to use your imagination to view them "en masse" which they were, and they were gorgeous! 

For this one, I was hoping he'd capture the mood of the ceilings and displays...  ok, those cute ladies can be included.  Ok nice job, Honey.  I'm glad you're the photographer today!  (yikes).
(Well, the ladies are cute, and some of the lights showed up).

In this photo below, we have exactly one tree. 

Hmmm, ok.  Cute silver cherubs! (Ambiance not included).  I still SO appreciate my husband!  He is the greatest (um, husband that is)!

Below we have a shelf of pretty things...

This is so sweet of him to do!!  (Seriously, I mean this).

Below is a beautiful Santa with clothing made of vintage materials.  It is in a beautifully set area too.  I don't know how he got this angle? 

Ok, maybe I had better give this "hubby as photographer" thing a second thought...  (Still sweet...)

Above we have... um, not sure!  I do see the snacks on the left, that's it he was needing food.  Yeah, that's the ticket!  Hypoglycemia.

And, what's this below??  Hmm he said it was a fireplace or something?  Don't think so.  What I see, is the partial photo of a lady's tushy.  Ok, that's it!  I've been patient long enough!  No more photos for you, buddy!! 

But, thanks for coming, because it really was a great show and a fun day!  (Sorry Cindy)!

To my peeps...  I will go searching other blogs and swipe borrow their pics and show you the way it really looked at the Palace of Queen of Tarte!


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  1. Sounds and looks like you had a fantastic time, great pictures! And your husband sounds like a keeper, too!

  2. Sheila ... Laughing hysterically reading your post! Keep the hubby and let him take pics occasionally, we enjoy the "man's" perspective, but especially your commentary .... lol!
    Betty :)

  3. I bet he did a real good job of carrying your packages... I just need to know did he carry your purse?
    He is a keeper either way!

  4. You're funny Joy. No, somehow I can never see him carrying my purse (ever). He's very sweet, but I'm sure he'd draw the line right there!


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