Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hurray... Bulletin... This just In!!

Regarding the Queen of Tarte show... (the post below)>... I just noticed that on the blog of Annie, Fannie and Abigail (the sweet sisters who participated in the show with Cindy) are all beautiful pictures of the show! Please, go look! Then you'll see what I mean about the glory of it all!!

Thanks girls, the photos are awesome and so are you!

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  1. Well, you just made my night!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and your very kind comments. I also very much appreciate comments 'cause I get to find great new blogs to read! Have a great day! I hope someone returns the favor and makes you smile!

  2. Donna and Diane really are special. I really got attached to Diana at Tarte, she holds a very special place in my heart. Happy Monday.

  3. Hi! Thanks for the links to the will be fun to have a virtual visit! Love your header and background. Will follow along if that's ok! :)


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